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New 2020 Season Guidelines Set

By JJ Eusay 05/31/2020, 6:15pm CDT

The following rules will be instituted this season:

Required by City of Plano:

1.  Players are required to wear masks between games.

2.  Players may NOT participate in any pre-game or post-game handshakes.

3,  Players must wait for entire previous team to leave the dugout before entering.

4.  Players must clear dugouts of all belongings prior to leaving.

5.  Players must not participate in any spitting.

6.  Players must not loiter or hold team meetings in the park or the parking lot before or after games.

Additional requirements voted on and approved for Shalom 

7.  Plays at all bases are force outs.  No tag plays.

8.  Game balls to be disinfected after every half inning.  

9.  Catcher must be 6 ft away from umpire and batter in any direction.

10.  Infielders must be 6 ft away from all runners prior to each pitch.

There are other "recommended" guidelines set forth by city of Plano which can be accessed on their website.  These listed are REQUIRED guidelines for competition.  

Those who choose to be declared OUT for the season will be refunded minus the cost for uniform and website.  Those who paid for Fall will be refunded in full.  Refunds should be expected in the next couple weeks.

Opening Season Delayed

By JJ Eusay 03/14/2020, 9:30pm CDT

Opening Day games have been postponed due to field conditions.

2020 Bat Stickers

By JJ Eusay 03/05/2020, 7:45am CST

There will be staff in Plano on Sunday stickering bats.  You cannot use a bat this season without a plano sticker regardless of the park you are playing at.  Be sure to get your sticker before first regular season games.