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Until Round 1 of 2021 Playoffs



League Standings

Game Schedule

Weekly Power Rankings Spring 2021

1. Eusay's Astros 18-6-0 2
2. Unell's Clowns 15-9-0 6
3. Casper's Red Sox 14-10-0 7
4. Silverman's Rangers 13-11-0 8
5. Miller's Mariners 13-11-0 1
6. Dyer's Tacos 14-10-0 3
7. Garber's Grasshoppers 14-10-0 4
8. Hauf's Colt .45's 13-11-0 5
9. Weinfeld's Pirates 14-10-0 9
10. Kravitz's Legends 13-11-0 10
11. Cova's Marauders 5-19-0 12
12. Alford's Iron Pigs 10-14-0 11
13. Muck's Rubber Ducks 7-17-0 13
14. Williams' Isotopes 9-15-0 14
15. Buhrow's Bats 11-13-0 15
16. Prim's Brewers 9-15-0 16

18th Annual Phyllis Unell Scholarship Application

Playoff Week 1 Selections

By Dr. C 06/22/2021, 7:15pm CDT

Selections for Opening Playoff Series

Field 1: Clowns in 2 ( 18-11, 14-12)

Field 2: Mariners in 3 ( Mariners  18-13, 16-11 and Iron Pigs 13-10)

Field 3: Rangers in 3 ( Rangers 11-9, 12-9 and Bats 14-11)

Field 4: Red Sox in  2 (Red Sox 12-11 and 13-12)

Last week:      3-1

YTD:            118-94

Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards Announced!

By JJ Eusay 06/21/2021, 6:00pm CDT

In the previous years, we have only named 1 gold glover per division.  This year we are changing that up naming a Gold Glover per position, regardless of division, and a Cy Young (to be re-named after a Shalom Hall of Fame pitcher at a later date).  There is also a reserve infielder, outfielder, and pitcher as well.  We will play a game, Gold Glovers vs. Silver Sluggers on July 18th following the Division Finals.  This group will be recognized at the banquet in December and presented with their Gold Glove trophies.

As voted on by the Captains, here are your 2021 Spring Gold Glovers:

C - Abbey Garber
1B - Robbie Franklin
2B - Nick Barr
3B - Matthew P. Brumley
SS - Ryan Alford
LF - Brandon Strull
LCF - Justin Reed
RCF - Chris Stutz
RF - Peter Salazar
P (Cy Young) - John Gavin Burke

IF - Brian Ortega
OF - Donald Prim
P - Jon Banta

....and now on to the Silver Sluggers.  We've never done the Silver Sluggers in the past but we are this year.  Eligible players (must've played at least 20 games) were grouped with the others that played their same positions.  Example, there were 17 2B's, the person who had the highest batting average got 17 points, second in average got 16 points, third 15 and so on down to 1.  The same thing was done with Slugging % and OPS.  Each person's numbers were then added together to give them a score.  That score was then sorted 1-17 (or however many were at their respective positions to decide statistically who had the best offensive year at each position.   This was calculated like this for every position.

Here is your 2021 Silver Slugger team, 10 starters, a reserve infielder, outfielder and pitcher:

C - Nick A Croce
1B - Tim Kaminski
2B - Jeremy Pease
3B - Miguel Duron
SS - Ryan Alford
LF - Tim Jamieson
LCF - Ryan Richardson
RCF - Chris Stutz
RF - Joe Machado
P - Scott Lawrence 

IF - Ryan Driggers
OF - Donald Prim
P - Matt Ruckel

Congratulations to all of you on a fine season!  Looking forward to seeing you all in the inaugural Gold Glover vs. Silver Slugger Game.

Four Teams Advance from Mini's

By JJ Eusay 06/20/2021, 5:45pm CDT

Alford's Iron Pigs and Buhrow's Bats will be taking the final two playoff spots in the Silverman Division after their victories today in the Mini's.  

Prim's Brewers and Hauf's Colt 45's will fill out the final two spots in the Weinfeld Division.

Round 1 will take place next Sunday and consist of a best of three series.  The matchups will be:

Silverman Division
(6) Alford's Iron Pigs vs. (3) Miller's Mariners
(5) Buhrow's Bats vs. (4) Silverman's Rangers
(1) Garber's Grasshoppers- BYE
(2) Dyer's Tacos- BYE

Weinfeld Division
(6) Prim's Brewers vs. (3) Unell's Clowns
(5) Hauf's Colt 45's vs. (4) Casper's Red Sox
(1) Eusay's Astros- BYE
(2) Weinfeld's Pirates- BYE

Games will begin at 8AM
Field Assignments TBD

Mini Playoff selections

By Dr. C 06/15/2021, 6:15am CDT

Selections to advance from the Minis

830:     Bats 14-12,  Iron Pigs  11-10

1030:  Legends 17-12, Colt 45s  10-9

Last week:  7-9
YTD:         115-93

2021 All Star Teams Announced!!!

By JJ Eusay 06/12/2021, 11:00pm CDT

Here are your Spring 2021 All-Star teams as voted on by the 16 Captains.


Weinfeld Division - Captain, JJ Eusay


LF - Brandon Strull

LCF - Donald Prim

RCF - Chris Stutz

RF - Joe Machado

3B - Brian Babbitt

SS - Kyle Kravitz

2B - Jeremy Pease

1B - Tim Kaminski

P - Matt Ruckel

C - Andy Williams



P - John Burke

LCF - Justin Reed

LF - Clint Hathcock

3B - Ben Enlow

SS - John Howard


Silverman Division - Captain, Abbey Garber


LF - Tim Jamieson

LCF - Ryan Richardson

RCF - Dominick Cesario

RF - Pete Salazar

3B - Miguel Duron

SS - Luke Morgan

2B - Nick Barr

1B - Leo Cova

P - Scott Lawrence

C - Ozzie Zurita



P - Jon Banta

LCF - Chris Cesario

LF - Steve "Cuddles" Haas

3B - Matt Brumley

SS - Brian Ortega

2021 Championship Odds

By Dr. C 06/08/2021, 7:45pm CDT

2021 Championship Odds

Astros      11:1
Pirates     12:1
Grasshoppers, Tacos, Clowns, Red Sox   13:1
Rangers, Mariners    15:1
Legends, Colt 45s    17:1
Bats, Iron Pigs, Isotopes, Brewers  25:1
Rubber Ducks    30:1
Marauders     40:1

The Batcave Chronicles: Part 13

By Danny Buhrow 06/08/2021, 3:15pm CDT

The Bats sweep the final week of the regular season to clinch the 1st Seed...of the Minis! It has been a rollercoaster of a season...but we wouldnt have wanted to do it with any other super squad! This team always backed each other up and we went out and played like the Bats we knew we could be. 

Game 1 had us up against the Brewers. Grant Carver started off the game for the Brewers pitching a gem by retiring the first 6 Bats...but the power bottom would come through once again to get things kicked off for the Bats at the top of the 3rd. Omar Gonzalez would crush an RBI double bringing in Steve Enda followed by another RBI double from Erik Clausen bringing in Omar. Dylan Buhrow would come back up to bring in Erik. Brewers would catch up and take the lead the next couple of innings as the Bats flew silent...needing to come together in the top of the 6th to avoid another loss. Daniel Buhrow would start the inning with a single...followed by a single from Dylan Buhrow, and Dalton Fallaw would bring in Daniel with an RBI double. Ariel Rodriguez would walk...and David Buhrow would hit a 2RBI double to tie the game. Nick Barr would come up with a RBI SAC...Doug Kramer would hit an RBI single...and a strange turn of events and errors by the Brewers with Freddy Barraez at bat lead to him running all the bases and making it home with 2RBIs. 

Bats just had to hold the Brewers and win Game 1 10-6. 

Game 2 had the Bats against the Division Clinched Astros. Highlights from Game 2 include a 3RBI Homer from Ariel Rodriguez and a 3RBI Homer from Nick Barr. The Bats look playoff ready and in the playoff mindset. Bats would take Game 2 10-7 and we look forward to the minis in a couple of weeks. 

Impact Bats of the Week: 

  1. Ariel Rodriguez 2-5 1SAC 1BB 1HR 5RBI and 2Rs. Pitched a solid Game 2 to fill in for an injured Doug Kramer. 

  2. Nick Barr 4-6 1SAC 1HR 5RBI and 1R. 

  3. Dylan Buhrow 5-7 1RBI and 3Rs. Solid plays at short!

Honorable Mention: Danny Buhrow kicking off June by doubling his entire hit production in the Month of May by going 4-5 with 3Rs.

The Mariners Were Hot.... and then Not

By John Miller 06/06/2021, 6:30pm CDT

Two weeks ago the Mariners were riding a 5 game winning streak. Now they stagger into the playoffs with a 4 game losing streak against the tough Weinfeld division.

Game 1 was against the Colt 45’s. The Mariners started strong as the first 4 batters of the game scored. And that ended the offense for the Mariners as John Hauf stymied the Mariners 6-4. The Mariners grouped 6 of their 11 hits in the first inning but only had one base runner past second the rest of the game.

Game 2 was against the hard hitting Red Sox, the highest scoring team in the league. With the wind blowing out, it looked to be a high scoring affair. The Red Sox didn’t disappoint as they bashed 30 runs on 36 hits including 7 home runs in a 30-13 romp. Troy Steele, Matt Hyson and Robbie Franklin all hit dingers               ( Robbie’s an inside the parker).

Tim Jamieson was our IPOW with 4-6, a triple, 3 runs scored and 1 RBI. Matt Hyson and Robbie Franklin went 3-5. The Mariners will lick their wounds with 3 weeks until the playoffs start.

Red Sox earn playoff spot with sweep over 2 playoff bound teams!

The Red Sox knew that they needed to win both games against the playoff bound Tacos of Craig Dyer and the Mariners of John Miller to ensure automatic passage to the playoffs.

The Red Sox hosted the Tacos and took a 3-0 lead after 1 inning on Tim Kaminski's 2 out 2 run HR and then a run scoring 2B from Kyle Casper.  2 more scored in the 2nd on 1 out 2Bs from Wayne and Sean Harcourt producing a run.  After a Matt Casey single , Greg "Badger" Hurst delivered the 2nd run with a hit. The Red Sox had a 6-1 lead after 3 on Kaminski's leadoff HR.  The Tacos battled back with 3 in the top of the 4th but the Sox answered with 7 of their own and a 13-4 lead. The inning featured Badger's run scoring hit,  Impact POW Darryl Drake's 3 run HR and concluded on a 2 run hit from Kyle and a run scoring 2B from Brad Cox.  The Sox salted the game away with 6 more as time lapsed on Kaminski's run scoring hit, bases loaded BB to Brad Parr, Kyle's 3 run 3B ,and Cox' run scoring hit for the 19-4 win.

The Sox knew they needed 1 more win to clinch the playoff spot as all their division challengers were also winning their games.  The Sox scored 5 in the top of the 1st with a run scoring hit from Kaminski, back to back SFs from Parr and Kyle, a huge 2 out run scoring hit from Cox and finally Wayne.  The Mariners scored 2 in the home 1st.  The Sox responded with 2 in the 2nd on Drake's 2 run HR but the Mariners capitalized on a rough Sox patch for an 8-7 lead after 2.  The Sox regained the lead at 9-8 on Kyle's 2 run HR. The Mariners retook the lead 11-9 after 3. In the 4th the Sox took the lead for good ignited by Casey's leadoff hit, and after a Badger hit Drake hit a 3 run HR. 1 more came home on a SF by Kyle. After posting a 0 in the bottom of the 4th the Sox erupted for 9 runs and a 23-11 lead where everyone contributed including Brian Smallwood's lead off hit, Badger's run scoring hit, Drake's 3rd consecutive HR (3 run blast again), a Brian Babbitt hit, Kaminski's 2 run HR, Parr's 2B and Kyle's 2nd 2 run HR. The Mariners scored 2 to make it 23-13, but the Sox answered with 7 more including run scoring hits from Badger, Babbitt, Kaminski's 2 run 3B, Parr's run scoring hit, and Smallwood's 3 run HR and a 30-14 win. 

The Sox are still some what injured but finished the regular season 7-1 beating 5 teams with 500 + records along the way and feeling very excited for the post season!

Notables: Impact POW Daryl Drake, 7-9, 7 runs,  11 RBI, 2B, 4 HRs, created 14 runs, and sterling LCF defense, especially in game 2 with 3 scintillating plays when the game was nip and tuck; Impact ROW Brian Babbitt, 5-9, 5 runs, RBI,  stellar defense at 3rd; Badger Hurst, 8-9, 7 runs, 4 RBI, impeccable SS defense; Tim Kaminski, 8-9, 8 runs, 9 RBI, 3B, 3 HRs (he did make an out for 1st time in 3 weeks); Brad Parr 5-6, 2B, 2 BBs, SF, 5 runs, 3 RBI, excellent pitching;  Kyle Casper 5-7, 4 runs, 12 RBI, 2 SFs, 2B, 3B, 2 HRs; Brad Cox 4 hits, 3 RBI, 2Bexcellent defense in LF including gunning out a runner tagging at 3B(!); Brian Smallwood 6-8, BB, HR, strong RCF defense; Sean Harcourt 3 hits, 2 2Bs, 3 runs; Matt Casey 4-8, 3 runs, outstanding running; Wayne 4 hits, BB, 2B, well pitched 1st game.

Spring Playoffs Schedule and Fall Opening Day

By JJ Eusay 06/04/2021, 8:00am CDT

Here are the updates dates for the upcoming playoffs as well as Fall Season opening day.  

June 13 - No games

June 20 - Mini Playoffs

June 27- Playoffs Round 1- Regular AM games. (NO NIGHT GAMES)

July 4 - No Games

July 11 - Playoffs Round 2 - Legends Game to Follow

July 18 - Divisional Championship Series - HR Derby to follow

July 25 - League Championship Series - All Star Game to follow

July 5 - Fall Registration Opens at 12:01 am for Returning paid Spring players and paid subs.

July 9 - 12:01 am - Fall Registration Opens for all

Aug 1 or Aug 8 (TBD) - Fall Draft

Fall Season Opening Day - Sep. 12

Fall Season will be 8 weeks long with 2 weeks for playoffs

Cost for Fall Season - $126 per player


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