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    Spring '23: Mini-Playoffs


    Mini-Playoffs Set for June 4th

    Irv Munn Division:

    Round 1 @ 8:00AM

    Grasshoppers & Brewers BYE
    Legends @ Brats
    Puppets @ Red Sox

    Round 2 (30 mins after completion of Round 1)

    Grasshoppers host lowest remaining seed. Brewers host remaining team.

    If Legends win, play @ Grasshoppers. Red Sox/Sock Puppets winner play @ Brewers.

    If Brats win, play @ Brewers. Red Sox/Sock Puppets winner plays @ Grasshoppers.

    Irwin Kaufman Division:

    Round 1 @ 8:00AM

    Padres & Woodpeckers BYE

    Squirrels @ Rangers
    Storm @ Dragons

    Round 2 (30 mins after completion of Round 1)

    Padres host lowest remaining seed. Woodpeckers host remaining team.

    If Squirrels win, play @ Padres. Storm/Dragons winner play @ Woodpeckers.

    If Rangers win, play @ Woodpeckers. Storm/Dragons winner plays @ Grasshoppers.

    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.


    Game Schedule


    Coaches Corner News

    Dodger Captain promises all expenses paid trip to Cabo

    By Kevin Knox 05/31/2023, 10:45pm CDT

    Captain promises all expenses paid trip to Cabo for 2 wins and 2 losses

    With the Playoffs looming in the not too distant future, the Captain ponders the team's playoff scenarios. After about 30 seconds the only scenario appears. Win 2 games and the Sea Wolves lose 2 and the number 2 seed is in Brooklyn. If that happens its Cabo for a month. So first up was the Brats from clan Buhrow. With the wind on field 2 blowing slightly out it looked to be set up for offensive game. Both Ariel Rodriguez and Abel Chavez had other ideas. First inning starts off moderately with both teams grabbing 2 to start. Rohit's leadoff single and Ryan Driggers dinger accounted for both of the Dodgers runs. Ariel and Leo Cova both had hits as well but were unable to cross home plate. Carlos Lopez grabbed a single in the second but no damage from either team was posted in the 2nd. The Brats managed another run in the third but the dodgers top it with a Rohit single and back to back doubles by Ryan and Ariel. A big inning became a possibility after Ariels 2b when both Jacob Stites and Matt Casey walked to load the bases but the captain came up short on knocking them in. After getting out of that inning the Brats seemed fired up and grabbed 5 runs in the 4th to take the lead. The Dodgers then tried to answer with Steve Enda and Dwayne Henson getting singles and Jay Swank drawing a walk to load the bases with only 1 out. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, some guy named Luke for the brats and made a great play for 2 outs ending the inning. The defense then started kicking in for the Dodgers and shut the Brats out for the rest of the game. Bottom 5 Kelly Stites leads off with a triple to get things started and is knocked in on Sac fly by Ariel. 3 more singles in the in the 6th for the Dodgers led to 0 runs. Dodgers are able to force a 7th inning with time running out. Jay walks and then Rohit singles. Kelly smacks a triple scoring both leaving the tying run on third and Ryan at the plate. Ryan then crushes one over the fence for the walk off 2 run HR.  Brooklyn wins 9-8. 1 win done and1 more to go to Cabo...


    Ryan Driggers- 3-4 1 2B, 2HR, 3 R, 5 RBI

    Rohit Gulhati- 3-4 3 1B, 3 R

    Steve Enda- 2-3 2 1B

    I must give props to Buhrows Brats as they took an out every 12th guy and played incredibly well despite this handicap.  

    After escaping the grill of the Brats, the final game of the season approached. Cabo was in sight. The Grasshoppers arrived and immediately dropped 2. The Dodgers answered back with 2 of their own with another 2 run HR by Ryan. The Hoppers then grab 1 in the second. Matt and the Captain both walk but the team is unable to move them in the second. Hoppers grab 2 more in the 3rd. Jay and Rohit both single to start off the 3rd. Ryan knocks one in on a single and then Ariel rips one over the fence grabbing 3 RBI's. 6-5 Bums. Hoppers go scoreless in the 4th. The Captain leads off the inning with a pool cued shot that he hustles into a double. Then that Ortega guy makes a great play and promptly puts him in a pickle and then back to the bench. Field 2 has not been kind to the Captain. Exhausted from the pickle the Captain then messes up the books and somehow the Grasshoppers have 6 more runs in the next inning and somehow end up with 15 total for the day. During the 6th inning Jay and Kelly grabbed singles. Ryan singled one of them home and then Ariel hit another 3 run blast. In the final at bat for the Dodgers Carlos drew a walk and then Dwayne crushed one to deep left to score him. As Dodgers looked at the scoreboard they saw their dreams of Cabo dissipate. Only having 3 weeks off before the next game wasn't enough time to thoroughly vent the Cabo experience so reservations were canceled and practices were scheduled.  Grasshoppers win 15-11


    Ariel Rodriguez- 2-3 2 HR, 2 R, 6 RBI

    Ryan Driggers- 3-3 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 HR, 3 R, 4 RBI

    Dwayne Henson- 2-3 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 RBI

    Red Sox split

    By W Casper 05/28/2023, 2:30pm CDT

    Red Sox prepare for the Minis

    Game 1 saw the Sox host Kendall Anthony's high flying Seawolves. The Sox fell behind on 2 pitches with solo HRs from Drew Waggoner and Nick Barr but the Wolves would only score 1 more, unearned run, the rest of the game.  The The sox scored 1 in the home 1st  on Danny Cortez' run scoring 2B. The Sox scored 8 in the home 3rd for a p-3 lead. Matt Roth and Darryl Jones started the inning with singles, Jacob Forniglia singled in 1, Blake Jones hit a 3 run HR, Sub Ben Enlow followed with a solo HR, and after Jadon and Jarred Forniglia both reached on hits, Sub Mike Glossier 2b them both in, and the inning concluded with the captain hitting a run scoring 2B.  Blake would homer in the 4th and in the 5th, the Sox hit the run rule featuring a run scoring 2B by Glossier, a run scoring hit from Roth and Jacob walking it off with a bases loaded hit with 1 out and a 13-3 win.

    Game 2 was a defensive affair with J C Burks Brewers beating the Sox 6-4. Mike Babb pitched and fielded phenomenally and despite a close, well played game by the Sox they could only muster 2 on a 2 run HR from Blake and run scoring 2b from Jarred and run scoring hit from Sean Harcourt. 

    Notables: POW Blake Jones 5-7. 3 runs, 6 RBI, 3 HRs; POW Jarred Forniglia 4-6, 3 runs, RBI, 2B; POW Matt Roth 2 hits; Jacob Forniglia 4 hits; Danny Cortez 4 hits; Sean Harcourt 2 hits, BB; Sub Ben Enlow 5-7 HR ; Sub Mike Glossier 2 run scoring 2Bs; the captain 4 hits.

    Dodgers leave bats at home promptly get swept

    By Kevin Knox 05/22/2023, 6:00pm CDT

    The Dodgers have been playing with fire with late game comebacks the last few weeks. Today it bit them in the keister. Some great plays by the Mariners and Renegades shut down any would be rallies all day long. Combine that with some uncharacteristic defensive miscues and the Dodgers get swept. Kelly Stites and Ariel Rodriguez were perfect in the first game. Rohit Gulhati and Ryan Driggers managed 3 walks and 1 hit. Jacob Stites, Leo Cova, and Matt Casey all managed 1 hit that scored a run. John Hauf's masterful pitching and defense shut down the Dodgers in the final inning. Mariners win 7-6. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, things only got worse as the Calvano's Renegades were coming in hot after winning their first game and now in first place in the division. Lots of Defense and great Pitching on both sides. Ariel and Justin Howard only giving up 4 total runs through 5 innings without wind assistance. The wheels then came off for the Dodgers in the top of the 6th as a couple of miscues and some clutch hitting led to 6 runs for the Renegades. Renegades win 9-1. 


    News Articles

    Last week selections

    By Dr. C 05/26/2023, 9:45am CDT

    Final regular game picks

    8 AM:                  Bananas, Puppets, Royals, Grasshoppers

    910:                      Dragons, Dodgers, Mariners, Iron Pigs

    1020:                   Royals, Dodgers, Storm, Brats

    1130:                    Rangers,  Seawolves, Woodpeckers, Renegades

    1240:                    Pirates, Renegades,  Woodpeckers, Brewers

    Last week:       13-7

    YTD:                   128-112


    Penultimate week selections

    By Dr. C 05/19/2023, 7:45pm CDT

    week 12 picks

    8 AM:    Renegades, Rangers, Iron Pigs, Dodgers

    910:       Dodgers, Dragons, Seawolves, Royals

    1020:     Seawolves, Royals, Grasshoppers, Pirates

    1130:     Brewers, Red Sox, Padres, Woodpeckers

    1240:     Red Sox, Woodpeckers, Brats,  Padres

    Last week:      7-13

    YTD:            115-105

    Week 11 Selections

    By Dr. C 05/06/2023, 6:30am CDT

    Picks for week 11

    8 AM:    Rangers, Dodgers, Dragons, Woodpeckers

    910:        Pirates, Mariners, Iron Pigs, Seawolves

    1020:     Rangers, Renegades, Dragons, Dodgers

    1130:     Bananas, Brats, Royals, Grasshoppers

    1240:     Bananas, Brewers, Royals, Grasshoppers

    Last week:  13-7

    YTD:              108-92