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    Squirrels Fall Out of the Tree

    By John Miller 09/20/2021, 4:30pm CDT

    The Flying Squirrels dropped two heartbreakers on Sunday. Kravitz’s Legends were up first. The Squirrels scored 9 runs in the first two innings thanks to a 2 run dinger from Tim Jamieson and run scoring hits from Randy Ransom, Troy Steele and John Miller. The bats went silent and the defense proved leaky as the Legends prevailed 15-10.

    The Garber Monarchs visited the Squirrel Nest next. It looked to be a good day to play them as they were missing Wu and Burke. The Squirrels led 2-1 after 1 on a two run homer from Brian Ortega. The Monarchs were living right as they had 3 controversial calls by the umps all go their way in one inning. The Monarchs held a 10-7 lead heading into the bottom of the final inning. The Squirrels started with 4 singles, tied it at 10 with the winning run on 3rd but couldn’t push it across. On to extras! The Squirrel pitching staff lost it’s rhythm leading to 5 runs for the Monarchs. The Squirrels got a 3 run Ortega homer with no outs but failed to score more leading to a 15-13 heartbreaker.


    Impact Players of the Week were Brian Ortega 4-7, double, two homers, 4 runs, 7 RBI’s and Robbie Franklin 4-7, 3 runs, 1 RBI.

    Ducks and Dogs - Dragons Split

    By Keith Dlott 09/20/2021, 10:15am CDT

    With four regulars unavailable, the Dragons looked to first burst the Rubber Ducks bubbles.  Captain Muck shows up sporting a braided beard, which after a Ducks sweep (spoiler alert) is bound to show up next week.  

    Wiley veteran pitcher John Unell (going old school with his black Dragons shirt from a Shalom season past) held the Ducks to just four runs over the first four innings.  Problem is, the Dragons showed no fire, scoring just 3.  Things finally heated up in the 5th.  Ducks put up a 6 spot, meaning the Dragons had to respond.  

    Ray ‘Ray’ Darragh led off the 5th with a single, and was plated by super sub Tim Crites’ triple.  After two quick outs were made, the Dragons order flipped to Ari Loiben who had an RBI triple.  Daryl Drake followed with yet another home run and the home team was now only down 3.

    The Ducks went quietly in the top of the 6th, setting the stage for yet another late win by the feisty Dragons.  After plating one, the Dragons found themselves down two with the bases loaded, just one out, and two subs coming up.  Unfortunately, Muck’s braided magic far outweighed some super sub heroics as the Dragons were slayed 10-8.


    From Rubber Ducks to Corny Dogs...only in the Shalom League!  This was a game for the ages.  The visiting Dragons led off with a single run in the first on a solo shot by none other than Daryl Drake.  The bottom of the first brought pitcher John Unell a case of whiplash as the Dogs went back-to-back to take a 3-1 lead.  

    After a quiet 2nd, sub Scott Harriman led off the 3rd with a base hit, followed by IPOW nominee Kendal Anthony’s RBI triple.  The law firm of Loiben, Drake, and Kaminski went single, single, single, and all three scored giving the Dragons a 6-4 lead.  Dogs matched the Dragons with 5 in the bottom of the 3rd.

    Skipping ahead to the bottom of the 7th, the Dragons were up 3.  The Dogs scratched and clawed their way to tie the game and had a runner on 3rd and one out.  The Dragons issued two intentional walks to load the bases.  The Corny Dogs were unable to plate the winning run and onto extras we went.

    Top 8 begins with a Crites walk, then an out.  Kendal Anthony with a clutch single flips the order.  Ari with an RBI base hit, Daryl with a walk.  Bases juiced for Tim Kaminski.  Tim took out all of his frustrations on one pitch that cleared the parking lot for a grand slam!  Dragons score 5, take down the Dogs top of the order and earn the split with a 17-12 win.

    Dragons IPOW Week 2:

    • Daryl Drake - 7/7, 4HR, 5RBI, 7R and errorless play with many chances at SS

    • Kendal Anthony - 3/6, 3B, 3R; most importantly, absolutely fantastic defense, holding down LF all day!

    • Tim Kaminski - After going 0-3 in game 1, we officially welcomed Tim to the fall season.  In game 2, Tim was 5/5 with 2HR, 2B, 7RBI, 4R.  Monster grand slam in the top of the 8th to boost the Dragons to the W.

    Tin Caps Find their Groove

    By Scott Greenberg 09/20/2021, 9:15am CDT

    The Tin Caps Start the Day Slowly, But End the Day En Fuego!

    Game 1 vs 66'ers

    This week started similarly to the last, The Tin Caps came out and had to wake up. Matt Casey led the charge in the bottom of the 3rd by leading off with a single. Larry Lachman kept it going as the Tin Caps batted through the order and delivered the crushing 7 run inning featuring doubles by Brian Babbitt and Aaron Nutt and the first home of the day for Chris Cesario. Solid Team defense kept the 66'ers in check for the rest of the game.

    Game 2 vs The CannonBallers

    In Game 2, the Tin Caps jumped on the imposing Cannonballers quickly with 5 runs in the top of the first. Solid defense kept the Cannonballers from getting any big rallies going.  Again in the 3rd inning, Larry Lachman led off with a single, Scott Greenberg, Dominick Cesario, Brian Babbitt loaded the bases and Chris Cesario Crushed the Grand Salami Bomb that capped a 6 run inning. The final blow, after Jeff Roberts led off the next inning with a single, the Tin Caps sealed the win with Back to Back to Back homers from Dominick Cesario, Brian Babbitt & (you guessed it) Chris Cesario. Great Team Hitting & Defense!

    Aguilas Shot out of Cannons... land on Death Star!

    By Captain Sh0tz 09/19/2021, 6:00pm CDT



    Cannon Ballers Vs. Rodriguez’s Aguilas

    Location: 8am Spirit Park, Allen TX

    The Aguilas started this game making sure the Cannon Ballers had ZERO gunpowder in the 1st Inning – “They went nowhere captain”! Aguilas came up at the bottom of the first as they have all season long- fast start and putting a 5 bomb in the first inning setting the stage for what was to come? Top of the 2nd, The daredevils with shining helmets took a field trip to the museum at spirit park where sheer will made the mat move ever so slightly as Baller after Baller took a walk down to 1st base. The Aguila Captain couldn’t buy a strike! After making a deal with the mat, the cannon ballers finally got something to hit and gave the Aguilas an opportunity to get some outs to stop the bleeding at 7 runs. Bottom of the second inning and the Aguilas bottom went semi quietly still flipping the lineup and challenging the Ballers with 3 more runs taking an 8-7 lead. So, here’s where the Aguilas go from Fierce eagles to hibernation mid game laying goose egg after goose egg. Shutout from scoring any further as these cannon ballers found their cannon fodder and shot through the stars! Sprinkles and fireworks folks! Cannon ballers take this one:

    Cannon Ballers: 13

    Geese: 8


    Rodriguez’s Aguilas Vs. Carver/Turbo 66ers

    Location: 9am Spirit Park, Allen TX

    Let it be known, Aguilas are majestic creatures, humble and powerful. Never count them out and more so after losing to helmet heads. As previously stated the Aguilas started this one fast and with relentless attacking in the top of the first plating 4 runs. The 66ers came up with a run-in response during the bottom of the 1st. AGAIN in the 2nd Aguilas plate 4 more as these birds flocked and surrounded these renegades establishing a commanding 8-1 lead going into the bottom of the 3rd. The 66ers put some strategic dark plan together to pull 2 more runs making it 8-3. Locked in a Chewbacca debate for the next two inning the Aguilas send a telegram with waffles and 3 more runs giving the 66ers a 11-3 deficit to work with coming into their final opportunity. Reaching into their computers and pulling the same plan as the 3rd inning the 66ers rounded up 2 more runs but the Aguilas plugged the plug and this death star’s light was put out. Now the Aguilas sit on it, claiming it, as a giant Egg.

    Aguilas: 11

    Vaders Posse: 5

     Impact Players:

    Eagle “Gran Bebida Driggers”: 5-6 HR, 3B, 3R, 6RBIs

    Eagle “Matt Myers”: 4-5 2B

    Eagle “Rookie Capt. Sh0tz” 4-5 2 2B, 4R, 2RBI

    Squadron Out!


    Around the Pond

    By The Quack 09/19/2021, 3:45pm CDT

    Ducks win TWO, and on the same day no less.

    There is a saying in Shalom, when the bottom of the order hits well, ball games get won.  The Duck Tails (Karlos Rodriguez, Sean Harcourt, Doug Wolff, and James Keller) proved this in both wins this Sunday, by getting on base with frequency and accounting for 10 total runs!

    Game 1 - Ducks v. Dragons

    The dazzling dance that was the game between the Ducks and the Dragons was a dandy of a display.  Alliteration aside, the Dragons offense, which has put up a lot of runs to start this season was held in check for most of the game, thanks to some fantastic pitching by Jason "I can pitch and only hit dingers" Niswonger, as well as fantastic defense by LF Kelly Stites and LCF sub Matt Wray.  Wray had an fantastic diving catch that killed a Dragons rally late in the game.  The Ducks' bats started off slowly in game 1, but really got flapping in the 5th inning where we scored 6.  

    Game 2 - Blue Rocks v. Ducks

    The late game of the day was a battle from start to finish, with both teams going back and forth putting up runs.  The difference this week was the production the Ducks got at the bottom of the order where they went a combined 7 for 8 and accounted for 6 of the 11 runs scored.  These Ducks once again put up runs late in the game when it was needed the most, sealing a win with 5 runs in the final frame.  

    Ducks of the week:

    Kelly Stites - 4/6, 3 RBI and great work in the outfield.

    ROW James Keller - 12th round phenom gutted out a quad strain for the second week in a row and rewarded the Ducks with a 4/5 performance, a double and 3 RBI.


    By Jonathan M Banta 09/16/2021, 9:30pm CDT


    GAME 1: BLUE ROCKS - 15   66’ERS - 5

    The 2021 Blue Rocks opened their season taking on the Carver/Golden 66’ers. The day (and season) could not have gotten off to a better start as leadoff hitter Matt Rakofsky slammed a fence blast Home Run in his first at bat after taking some time off from playing. The good guys scored 3 in the first with hits from Peter Hogan, Ryan Richardson and Mark Phares. The 2nd inning saw the Rocks bat around and plate 9 runs. Hits from rookie Grayson Vick, Doug Hogan, Matt Rakofsky, Ryan Richardson, Dennis Brumett, Mark Phares and Doc Levy helped put the opener to bed early as this veteran crew tacked on 3 more runs to close out the first victory of the season 15-5.

    Hitting Stars:

    Ryan Richardson: 3 for 3, Single, Double, HR, 4 RBI’s, 2 RS

    Mark Phares: 3 for 3, 3 Doubles, 3RBI’s, 2 RS

    Grayson Vick: 3 for 3, 3 Singles, RS

    Doug Hogan: 2 for 2, 2 Singles, 2 RS   


    Game 2 was played in stark contrast as the bats were cold from the get-go against former Taco skipper and teammate Craig “take a knee” Dyer. The Blue Rocks couldn’t get on the board until the 5th inning when Doc Levy lead off with a single followed by a Grayson Vick single that got Doc to 3rd. A Sac Fly by Doug Hogan finally put us on the board. The never-say-die Blue Rocks showed some fight and threatened in the last inning adding 3 more runs before the game ended with the bases loaded.

    Hitting Stars:

    Doc Levy: 2 for 2, SAC, RBI, RS

    Kyle Casper: 2 for 2, 2 Singles, fantastic defense in right field

    Legends get denied in Norfolk ….Drop both in season opener

    By Kyle Kravitz 09/16/2021, 5:00pm CDT

    Padres at LEGENDS

    Opening Day, with the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy on the line and the Debuts of the Padres Swag Chain (Coach Brooke ??) and the Legends (DX) Swag Title Belt, The Legends and Padres kick off the Fall season Battle Royale style.

    Legends welcome in and thank Super Sub Matt Wray for Steppin in for Coach “Big Poppa Pump” Kravitz for opening week.

    Legends take the field first, only to see the Padres put up 5 on the board immediately. Legends lead off the bottom half of the first with the “Junk Yard Dog” Greg Hurst (whom rolled up the most LEGENDARY ‘Stache of ALL TIME), singled to right and was brought home on a liner double by Chris “Jericho” Stutz. Super Sub Matt Wray sends a screamer to the outfield only to Jericho to 3rd but hustles out a double of his own.  “Macho Man” Clint Hathcock put the “Oh YEah” in a long fly ball, far enough to score Jericho and send Wray to 3rd. Razor Ramon Joe Machado hits into a FC but hustles out for a chance to add another run. “Arn Anderson” Tony Martin helps add to the deficit with a double to score Razor. Legends only muster up 3. The Padres add another 3 in the top of frame 2. Legends fight right back with back to back hits from Doug “Lance” Storm and the Honky Tonk Man Garreth Johnson. “Sheamus” Jimie Simeone hit into a fielder's choice but sets up Ray “The Anvil” Hebbeler to drive a run in and Big Bossman Chris Coffman to follow up with a single of his own. After 3 back and forth innings, the Padres kept tacting on as Legends would try to counter with a walk by “Shawn Michael(s) Thiele who would  score on an RBI Single from Sheamus Simeone, however just wasn't enough. Winner of the Battle Royale: Prim’s Padres. FINAL SCORE Padres 18, Legends 9

    Superstars of the Game

    “Junk Yard Dog” Greg Hurst - 3/3 (Double, RBI, 2 RS) and the LEGENDARY ‘Stache

    “Arn Anderson” Tony Martin - 2/2 (Sac, Double 2 RBIs)

    “Honky Tonk Man” Garreth Johnson - 2/2 (RS)

    LEGENDS at Storm Chasers

    After a tough opening loss, Legends try to shake it off only to find themselves staring at Brock Lesnar (Storm Chasers) square in the face. Legends took the roll of John Cena at Summerslam 2014 as Brock took us straight to Suplex City. It was over quick as we got a total of 16 suplex’s as the Storm Chasers routed the Legends 16-1 and never gave them a chance to take a breath. 

    Superstars of the Game

    Matt Wray - 2/2 (Double, RS)

    “Razer Ramon” Joe Machado - 1/2 (RBI)

    Ray “the Anvil” Hebbeler - 1/1 (single)


    LEGENDS Impact Players of the Week

    1.      (Sub) Matt Wray 4-4 (Sac, 2 singles, 2 doubles, RBI, 2 RS

    2.      Tony Martin 3-4 (Sac, 2 singles, double, 2 RBIs, RS)

    3.      Ray Hebbeler 2-3 (2 singles, RBI, RS)

    Honorable Mention: Greg Hurst 3-5 (2 singles, double, RBI, 2 RS) but it was the KILLER ‘Stache with all the attention


    Trash Pandas Debut with a Sweep!

    By Kelly Alexander 09/15/2021, 12:15pm CDT

    The brand new softball affiliate of the Rocket City Trash Pandas took the field for the first time this weekend with tons of talent and potential, cheered on by our rabid fans—I swear we had at least 6!  While it wasn’t a perfect performance, it was darn good and Captain Alexander was very pleased with the early season results.

    First up was the potent offense of Sardi’s Tiburones.  In the initial inning, Captain Alexander gave up a solo bomb--into the wind--to John Kilburn which put the home team Pandas in a hole.  The TPs couldn’t scavenge a run in the bottom of the first or the second frame, quickly falling behind 2-0 after two.  Panda-monium broke loose in the top of the third when an “incredible,” delayed overturned third out call at 3B brought the home team back out of the dugout only to quickly give up 2 more runs to the heart of the Sharks order before the fourth out was recorded. The Ring Tails were now down 4-0 but a little ticked off (ask Sean), and the bats finally came to life. With the bottom of the line-up due at the plate, the next seven batters reached base before Captain Alexander made the first out (he hit like trash most of the day). Rookie Chuck Taylor reached on a walk; Travis Olander and Chris Licurse singled loading the bases; crafty veteran Ronn Forniglia took a RBI walk; lead-off Joshua Forniglia (in his first game back from the IR) doubled 2 home; Chenz Terhune followed that with a rocket, another double scoring two more; Sean Greeley scored Vinnie with a sneaky single; and Jacob Forniglia later got his first RBI of the young season, bringing Sean home with a sac fly. The Pandas took the lead 7-4 after three and never looked back.  Final score 9-5 good guys in a tight contest. Look out for the Tiburones!


    Next we traveled to field 2, where the wind wasn’t blowing in, to visit the dangerous Miller’s Flying Squirrels in a face-off between the two small woodland creatures.  The Trash Pandas got off to a better start in this battle, scoring 2 in the top of the first powered by a Joshua F hit, another double by Chenz T, and a sac fly by Greeley.  Facing the wrecking crew that is the top of the Squirrels order, the defense with Captain Alexander on the bump was doing fine until the trash-hurler hung a belt-high 12 inch yellow softball to Troy Steele who promptly planted it over the fence in left center. 2-4 home team Tree Chickens after one inning.  The resilient TPs responded quickly in their first AB of the second inning, a solo hit-and-sit blast by non-rookie Kennin Doyle (I called it). Two batters later, squirrely Travis Olander used just enough inside-out spin to squeak one by the right fielder, the ball rolling to the corner for his first inside-the-park home run! *That I can remember. Our defense held, and it was a tie ball game 4-4 after two frames.  The TPs took the lead 7-6 after three, when blind-squirrel Alexander hit a ball 301 feet to right center--trying to make right for two solo dingers he gave up--with Terhune (still perfect for the day) and Greeley on base.  The big innings came in the fifth and sixth though, when the good guys broke it open, trashing the Squirrels with 13 runs to their 2.  The bottom of the order stayed hungry with multiple hits by Olander, Licurse and Ronn F providing RBIs (2) for Joshua F on a double and a SAC; Chenz with a 3 run bomb; Dan Mele (clutch at second base all day) with a 3 run jimmy-jack; Greeley (3 RBI) on a timely double, and garbage-time Alexander (2 RBI) hitting the TPs sixth HR of the game to dead center. The Flying Squirrels fought like angry caged animals and hit their own fair share of HRs (look out for some guys named Ortega and Jamieson), but it wasn’t meant to be for the fake-winged rodents on this fair Sunday.  Final score 20-8 for the sweep!

    Everyone contributed all day, I couldn’t be more proud of my guys :)

    Panda Power Players:

    Vinnie “Chenz” Terhune 7-7 with 2 doubles, HR, 6 runs and 6 RBI (*IPOW candidate)

    Sean Greeley5-6, double, SAC, 4 runs and 6 RBI

    Mike Glosier 4-6 with a SAC, solid SS play

    Travis Olander4-6 with an inside-the-park HR!

    Ronn Forniglia3-5 with an RBI walk in the 12 hole!

    Chris Licurse3-5 with a walk, key in turning the line-up over.

    Joshua Forniglia4-7, 2 doubles, 4 runs and 4 RBI



    Cannon Ballers kick off the Fall 2021 season with a SPLIT!!!


    Game 1


    Dragons - 13

    Coming off a run to the Spring 2021 Divisional Finals with the Tacos, Coach Craig Dyer (better known as Keg Dryer) woke up Sunday with high expectations of his new Cannon Baller crew - led by a Ryno, a trio of Buhrows, a fish named C Bass, a Cuddly left fielder, a Conn artist, a G-man, a 2B that takes you to the Brink, two crazy 49ers, and a slugger named Lee.


    The Cannon Ballers started of the Fall 2021 Shalom season against the Dlott Dragons and came out of the cannon fast by scoring three runs in their first at bat. Doubles by Cuddles and Ryno (2 RBIs), and singles by Dyer and Simonson (1 RBI) led the way. The Baller defense played solid early, with Ryno holding down SS, and Baby Jay making an ‘up against the wall, redneck mother’ catch in RCF. Rumor has it that at some point in this contest, left fielder Cuddles fell flat on his back to get in the perfect position to make a catch (supposedly there’s video proof but I’m not buying it). The Dragons put up some runs, but big Lee McDonald held a solid lineup in check for most of the contest. Lee also had a go-ahead grand slam in the top of the 5th, but the Ballers were unable to hold the lead and came up a few cannon balls short in their opener.

    Lee McDonald – 2 for 3, grand slam, 4 RBIs

    Cuddles – 3 for 3, triple, double

    Dylan Buhrow – 2 for 3


    Game 2

    TACOS - 7

    Banta’s Blue Rocks- 4

    The Cannon Ballers squared off against Banta’s Blue Rocks in game two and fared much better, at least in the win/loss column. The Ballers came out hot again, scoring four in their first at bat. Dylan Buhrow started the bottom half of the inning with a single, followed by back-to-back walks by Cuddles and Lee, an RBI single by Ryno, a sac fly by Baby Jay, singles by Keg and Gumaro, and a walk by Brinkman. From that point until the Blue Rocks’ last at bat, Lee McDonald was basically unhittable (well, pitching-wise, not so much fielding-wise). In a tight game, the defense was solid as well, and a two-run dinger by Lee in the Ballers last at bat sealed the game.

    Lee McDonald – 2 for 2, HR, BB, 2 RBIs

    Keg Dyer – 1 for 1, BB

    Brinkman – 0 for 0, 2 BBs (good plate discipline)



    Lee McDonald – 4 for 5, 2 HRs (grand slam), 2 singles, BB, 7 RBIs, 3 runs scores, and tremendous pitching (even after taking a smoke shot off the hand)

    Cuddles – 4 for 5, 1 triple, 1 double, 2 singles, BB, 1 RBI, 5 runs scored

    Cannon Ballers GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Tiburones Pa' Encima but not yet

    By Alfredo Sardi 09/14/2021, 8:00am CDT

    Opening Day is always a great day on the fields. Yesterday was not an exception. It was a sunny and “fresh” morning in Allen, Texas. I want to thank the league to let me use my hometown professional team name and be able to call the team “Sardi’s Tiburones”.

    This is my 2nd time as a captain and it will be a really nice one for sure. Our 1st game was against the Trash Pandas and it was not good for us. We scored one run on the 1st and the 2nd inning but the Pandas scored 7 on the 3rd and we scored 2 more on the same inning. They scored 2 more on the 5th and we scored our last one on the 6th. A bad inning affected us and we could not hit consistently.

    Final Score: Tiburones 5 – Trash Pandas 9

    Our 2nd game was what we called “El Clasico de la Capital”. Sardi’s Tiburones vs Cova’s Leones which is the Texas version of the Caracas vs La Guaira into the Venezuelan Winter Ball. We scored one on the 1st inning and kept scoreless the Leones for the 1st two innings. However, we had another bad inning an it was the 3rd inning were we received 6. On the same ideas, we scored 3 and the game was 6-4. As we arrived to the last inning, the Leones scored 4 more and we keep fighting and scored 4 but it was not enough and we ended losing our 2 games.

    Final Score: Leones 10 – Tiburones 8

    Fun Facts

    Leones and Tiburones share the same stadium.

    Tiburones are from La Guaira which is my hometown and has the main International airport in Venezuela which is named “Simon Bolivar Airport” and it has the main port of the country too which is named “La Guaira Port”

    maiquetía desde el aire

    La Guaira Port is Venezuela’s principal importing zone. (ANV)