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    Spring '23: Week 5


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    Coaches Corner News

    Red Sox split

    By W Casper 03/26/2023, 5:00pm CDT

    Red Sox rally for a split on the day

    The Red Sox played 2 outstanding captains and their teams today. 1st was a road affair at Ryan Alford's Iron Pigs.  The Sox scored 4 in the top of the 1st featuring Jacob Forniglia's leadoff 2B, BB to Blake Jones, Joey Welter's run scoring hit, Jadon Forniglia's run scoring hit, a Danny Cortez BB, Jarred Forniglia's run scoring hit and a SF from the captain. The Pigs plated 3 of their own in the precursor  of a tight contest. Neither team scored in the 2nd, but the Sox plated 2 in the top of the 3rd on back to back 2Bs from Blake and Welter and a 2 out run scoring hit from Cortez. The Pigs added 1 in the home 3rd. The Sox put 1 up in the 4th and 5th on an RBI 1B from Darryl Jones scoring Chris Licurse and a SF from Welter plating Blake after a 3B. Unfortunately the Sox would not score again and The Pigs scored 4 to tie it in the home 5th and had the walk off hit from their captain in the home 7th.

    Game 2 had the Sox host the venerable Brian Strull and his Pirates. The Pirates would score 6 in the top of the 1st and require the Sox to adjust their defensive plan and chase the entire game. The Sox would score 2 on a Blake 2 run HR and would add 1 more in the 3rd on Blake's 2b and Welter's SF where Blake took 2 bases. The Pirates added 1 in the top of the 6th but the Sox stayed close with good defense and trailed 7-3 going to the home 7th in the fast paced game. Jacob lead off the home 7th with an HR, Blake 2B again, Welter took a BB and Jeremy Pease had an enormous 1B to right to put the tying run on. Jadon took a RBI BB and Cortez won it with a 2B down the RF line plating all 3 runners for the 8-7 win. Both games were fun and spirited. 

    Notables: POW Blake Jones 5-6, 6 runs, 2 RBI, 3 2Bs, 3B, HR, BB, outstanding SS defense all day; POW Danny Cortez 3-5, 4 RBI, game winning bases loaded  2B, BB, outstanding 3B defense;  POW Matt Roth hit, BB, nice IF defense and excellent at bats; ROW Jadon Forniglia 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 RBI, BB, excellent defense: Jacob Forniglia 3 hits, 3 runs, 2 2Bs, HR, excellent defense;  Joey Welter 2-3, 3 runs, 4 RBI, 2B, 2 SFs, BB, strong defense; Jarred Forniglia 2 hits, BB, excellent defense: Jeremy Pease, key hit in bottom of last inning, strong defense all over the field; Chris Licurse 2 hits.

    Ranger's Rap

    By L Silverman 03/26/2023, 2:15pm CDT

    Ranger Rap

    Gers unfortunately continued their unwinning streak as they fell in the opener getting smoked by the Grass 14-5.  Other than good D, hitting, and management we were really good.  Not much to say excepy oy veh!!

    Second tilt saw the Gers bow out in a close one by the count of 9-8 to the Sea Wolves.  The Wolves were howling most of the game but unfortunately the Gers again lacked a bit of timely hitting in the end.  When it was all done, Ryan Richardson accounted for 7 of the 9 we actually beat him 8-7....The Gers did put up a fight at the end but just couldn't quite get there.  

    The Gers will contemplate their losses and come back swinging next week!!

    Ranger Rubies:

    BB Babbitt 5/6 2 HR's 3 runs 5 RBI's 

    Dalton Fallaw 4/6 2B 3 RBI's

    Ben Piper BB 2B and 3 run HR 

    Jacob Morris 4 hits  4 runs and a 3B

    Flying Squirrels Open with a Win But Abort the Landing

    By Boris Badenov 03/25/2023, 1:30pm CDT

           The TSSL Flying Squirrels overcame their captain's horrendous pitching and egregious Wildcard Rule malpractice to edge the Alexander the Great Woodpeckers 8-5 in the Opener.  The win gave the Squirrels their first winning streak of the year.  Tim "King" Jamieson chipped in a homer, double, walk and three RBI.  Zane "Grey" Belyea went 3 for 3 with a single, double and triple and 4 RBI (hitting for the 3 at-bat cycle?).  Omar O"Monument"valle went 3 for 3.

        The Nightcap was against the home standing Casper Wyoming Storm.  In the top of the first, the Squirrels took advantage of 7 walks, putting up a 6-spot, highlighted by a Tim"ber" Jamieson 3-run blast.  The Storm stormed back with 4 in the bottom of the inning, 3 more in the 3rd and 6 more in the 5th.  The Storm weathered a comeback by the Squirrels, led by Scott "Hanging" Chaddick's perfect game at the plate (2 for 2 with 2 walks), and hung on for the 13-12 victory.  

    Deez Nuts Award Winners of the Week:
    Offensive POW: Tim Jamieson - 4 for 5, 4 RS, 8!RBI, (2)HR, 2B, BB & SF
    Defensive POW: Sheldon Fulton - Outstanding play in RCF including a couple of sliding catches
    Honorable Mention: Omar Ovalle - 4 for 5 at the plate and with solid D at 2B

    Storm Clouds are a Brewing!!

    By John Hauf 03/22/2023, 9:45pm CDT

    What a better way to start your day against one of the top dogs in Kendal Anthony’s Seawolves and HOF pitcher John Banta.     We knew we needed to show more discipline at the plate, right out of the gate.   Following a Michael Murphy (lead by example) walk Dustin Bone blasted a 3 run HR to get us off to a quick start!!    Did I mention that was our first HR on the season.   After plating 3 more in the 3rd we found ourselves off to a quick lead and smooth sailing.   Check that.     With the veteran leadership the  Seawolves quickly regrouped and following an inning I’d like to forget as the Seawolves reclaimed the lead 8-6.   The new found resilient Mariners battled back to reclaim the lead after 3 more in the 4th highlighted by singles by our 11 hole hitter (Kyzer Hoover- why are you hitting there?) and a 2-RBI single by Justin Reed,  capped off by a SF from Dustin Bone.     The Wolves showed they still had teeth extending the lead to 3 heading into the final frame.      Gary Frank lead us off with a hustle single and after Banta logged two outs we made our move with Justin and Murphy loading the bases for the red hot Dustin Bone.     I’ll give credit to Kendal for making a defensive adjustment and a tip of my cap to John Banta for getting Bone to line out on a hard hit ball to the new defensive replacement.     My hopes of out dueling one of the best fell by the wayside.    


    As we have learned from the gritty group we bounce back quickly.    Now trying to wahoo some beer from Burks Brewers and salvage a split on the day we would need to clean some things up.    After giving up two quick runs the unthinkable happened!!!

    Justin Reed hit a HR!     After going 8 weeks into the season he finally did it.    The hits didn’t stop there as we plated 2 more highlighted by a Michael Murphy double and a total of 5 hits off ace Michael Babb.    The best thing is we stayed consistent with the bats.    Joseph Sanchez smacked a double to the fence with one leg.    David Fiorello mad Kyzer Hoover are starting to find their swings and hits are happening.    Ethan Barath nailed a triple and locked down LF.    Love me some “crazy legs”.   Ryan Gonzalez played a hell of a 2B.     Love the effort!!   Probably the highlight was Justin Reed actually hitting his 2nd homer taking the team lead with only moments later Dustin Bone knocking the king down with his 2nd bomb of the day.   Didn’t even let Justin enjoy his moment.   Classic moments you can’t script!


    Storm clouds are a brewing!!!     Normally that would be bad, but Tributaries need water so we welcome the storm!!!


    By ALFORD 03/21/2023, 6:30pm CDT

    The captain of the little piggies has been M.I.A. the last few weeks on the Captain’s Corner.   So to rectify this, the slacker captain will write a quick synapse of the last few weeks finishing with games this week.


    Week – 3 


    Piggies dropped 2 by way of the excellent hitting by both the Dodgers and the Rangers.  


    IRONPIGS – 5 vs DODGERS – 17  FIELD 2 @ 8:00


    The Dodgers started the tough day for the Pigs.  Driggers was a beast as usual hitting fence bomb after fence bomb paired with gold glove defense.  Ariel pitched tremendously keeping the Pig’s O off balance.  Jay Swank peppered in some excellent defensive plays at 3rd base.  Couple all this with Cpt. Kevin Knox strategically placing his defenders and the timely hitting by his lineup top to bottom, and the little Piggies were simply outmatched in this game.


    RANGERS - 11 vs IRONPIGS – 5  FIELD 3 @ 9:10


    The Rangers were next up on the slate.  Tight ball game the first couple of innings, but the Rookies for the Rangers took over the game.  Timely defensive plays stifled the Pig’s bats.  The Rangers sticks got red hot as well.  Hit after hit paired with the Wildcard runner being utilized allowed the Rangers to push the bases and the scoreboard.  


    Week – 4


    Piggies bounce back with a sweep of their own.


    GRASSHOPPERS - 5 vs IRONPIGS– 6  FIELD 2 @ 8:00


    The Grasshoppers ball club was led by Ortega, Brumley, Greenberg and Cassell on the defensive side of the diamond.  Not to be outdone by the young guys, Jeff “Wild Thing” Roberts started a 4-3 double play to snuff out a Pig’s rally in the 4th.  The Pig’s returned the defensive favor with great plays by Manz, Stutz, Miller, Brink and Cuddles; not to mention the duel pitching effort of Barth and Papi Chulo Rodriguez!! Hoppers put together a rally in their last at bat, but came up short in the end.


    IRONPIGS – 11 vs WOODPECKERS – 9  FIELD 1 @ 9:10


    Woodpeckers scored a run in every inning played in this game.  Kelly’s Peckers team hit from top to bottom, but the Pig’s D never gave up the really big inning.  The last inning, the Peckers fought their way back from being down 11-6 to 11-9.   The Pig’s D was led by the usual gang of Manz, Stutz, Miller, Barth, Adriano, Brink and Cuddles.


    Week – 5


    PIRATES – 15 vs IRONPIGS – 16  FIELD 4 @ 11:30


    Buccos came out swinging AND gloving!!!  The Pirates peppered hits everywhere on the field, and the defense was amazing through 4 innings of play.  Score was 15-6 with 8 minutes to play in the game as the Pig’s went to bat in the bottom of the 5th inning.  

    Ozzie and Cbass worked a walk and Manz drilled a liner over the fence.  Stutz and Cuddles each had a 2 bagger, followed up with an onslaught of singles from Steele, Miller, Brinkman, Adriano.  Dorian “Hustle” Moore drove in the tying run to knot the game at 15.  With 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd, Cbass hit a ball to the OF for his first ever Shalom League walk off hit.  


    IRONPIGS – 14 vs PADRES – 4  FIELD 2 @ 12:40


    Piggies were riding a high from game one, and the Padres were having none of it by capatilizing on some defensive miscues to take the lead.  Pig’s responded by manufacturing 2 runs of their own in the bottom of the inning thanks to a Manz and Stutz starting the inning off with hits against knuckleballer John Burke

    Nothing doing in inning 2 for either team.  

    Pigs plated 3 in the 3rd thanks to the bats of Stutz, Steele and Cuddles.  Barth, Adriano, Zurita, Moore and Cbass joined the offensive action in the 4th. The offensive barrage was capped off with a Miller/Brinkman combo to plate 4 for a 9-run inning.

    Barth and Adriano held the Padres offense to 4 runs for a combined effort in the victory.  

    News Articles

    Week 6 Picks

    By Dr. C 03/24/2023, 7:45pm CDT

    Week 6 Selections

    8 AM: Seawolves, Dragons, Woodpeckers, Royals

    910:    Royals, Mariners, Rangers, Dragons

    1020: Bananas, Seawolves, Brats, Grasshoppers

    1130: Red Sox, Renegades, Pirates, Dodgers

    1240: Renegades, Iron Pigs, Dodgers, Red Sox

    Last week:  13-7

    YTD:            53-47

    Week5 picks

    By Dr C 03/18/2023, 9:45am CDT

    Selections for week 5 as league hits 100 games played

    8 AM:  Grasshoppers, Royals, Renegades,  Rangers

    910:      Grasshoppers, Royals, Red Sox,  Woodpeckers

    1020:    Brats, Squirrels, Red Sox, Woodpeckers

    1130:   Dodgers, Padres,  Seawolves, Pirates

    1240:   Mariners, Iron Pigs,  Dodgers, Pirates

    Last week:  11-9

    YTD:               40-40

    Week 4 Picks

    By Dr. C 03/09/2023, 6:15pm CST

    Selections for week 4

    8 AM:   Royals, Grasshoppers, Rangers, Renegades

    910:       Woodpeckers, Red Sox, Bananas, Sock Puppets

    1020:    Royals, Renegades, Rangers, Grasshoppers

    1130:    Dragons, Dodgers, Pirates, Seawolves

    1240:    Pirates, Storm, Dodgers, Seawolves

    Last week:  10-10

    YTD K            29-31

    Weekly Power Rankings Spring 2023

    1. Lachman's Royals 4-0-0 2
    2. Anthony's Seawolves 4-0-0 3
    3. Knox's Dodgers 3-1-0 7
    4. Alford's IronPigs 3-1-0 5
    5. Weinfeld's Pirates 3-1-0 1
    6. Calvano's Renegades 3-1-0 14
    7. Garber's Grasshoppers 2-2-0 15
    8. Silverman's Rangers 2-2-0 12
    9. Buhrow's Brats 2-2-0 8
    10. Alexander's Woodpeckers 2-2-0 6
    11. Hauf's Mariners 2-2-0 18
    12. Burks' Brewers 2-2-0 10
    13. Prim's Padres 2-2-0 11
    14. Ruckel's Bananas 2-2-0 13
    15. Casper's Red Sox 1-3-0 4
    16. Dlott/Edgerton's Dragons 1-3-0 9
    17. Kravitz's Legends 1-3-0 16
    18. Eusay/Williams' Sock Puppets 1-3-0 17
    19. Casper's Storm 0-4-0 19
    20. Unell's Flying Squirrels 0-4-0 20