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League Expansion for Spring 2022

By JJ Eusay 12/21/2021, 9:30pm CST

We had a Leadership video call meeting this evening regarding the shortfall of spots compared to the unprecedented demand.  We heard from a number of players who were left out of the original 192.  In this meeting we acknowledged and rectified the problem.  All Captains and Designates had an opportunity to provide input to the solution. This being said, the vote was to expand to a 20 team format for the Spring of 2022.  We encourage all players to immediately sign up as a sub, if you haven’t already, and pay the sub fee.  We should know by Monday the 27th who is in the final 240.


Important Note Regarding Spring Registration

By JJ Eusay 12/20/2021, 2:15pm CST

We are aware that the  league registration process filled up today in 24  minutes. We are having a captains meeting via Zoom tomorrow evening to discuss a potential solution that will be voted on by the captains.. Please be patient during this time.  Thank you.

Spring 2022 Registration Link

By JJ Eusay 12/18/2021, 6:45pm CST

You can find a link to the registration for Spring 2022 in your email or on the home page of the league website.  The window will open at noon on Monday the 20th for all returning full time players form 2021 as well as all paid subs from 2021.  Once you complete your registration, you will receive and email with instructions on how to submit your payment.  You will have 3 days to get payment submitted or risk losing your spot to someone on the wait list.  Good luck!

Win a FREE entry for the Spring 2022 season!

By JJ Eusay 12/16/2021, 11:30am CST

We are currently running raffle on the league Facebook page for a free Spring 2022 registration fee.  The cost per entry is $20 and all proceeds will go into the Shalom Relievers fund.  All you have to do is comment on the post with how many entries you would like and send your payment via Venmo to @Shalomrelievers.  You can also pay with cash at the breakfast this Sunday morning.  All tickets will be placed in the drawing and a winner selected during the program.  The deadline for entry is 9am Sunday morning.  If you do not have Facebook, you can text Cesar Garza with your entry and send payment.  His contact number is 214-738-3476.

Spring 2022 Registration Announcement

By JJ Eusay 12/02/2021, 9:00am CST

The captains for Spring 2022 met Monday night and voted to keep the number of teams at 16 for the upcoming season.  Registration will open for all players from Spring and Fall 2021 as well as all paid subs on December 20th at Noon.  All players that are new to the league that did not play or pay as a sub for 2021 will have to wait until Friday December 24th to register.  Once we hit 192 registered players, you will only be allowed to register as a sub.  You will be placed on a wait list in case any full time spots open prior to the draft.  

Banta's Blue Rocks Claim Fall Title!

By JJ Eusay 11/24/2021, 1:15pm CST

Very similar to the Spring season when the underdog Grasshoppers upset the Astros to claim the title, Jon Banta led his squad to an upset of the favored Padres.  The Padres came out strong with an 11-6 victory game 1 before the Blue Rocks showed the grit they displayed throughout their playoff run.  They battled back to take game two 18-16 to force a deciding game 3, where they would double up the Padres 10-5 to claim the Fall Championship.  Series MVP Ryan Richardson did damage all day and Banta's crew followed the lead.  Kudos to Prim's Padres for an outstanding season and for the class and brotherhood they showed in the final series as well as throughout the season.  This series proved once again that in Shalom League, any given day.........  

This puts a bow on an outstanding 2021 and we hope to see you all at the end of year breakfast where we will recognize award winners from the 2020 and 2021 season as well as induct new members into the Hall of Fame.  


Fall Finals Matchup set and All Star Teams Announced!

By JJ Eusay 11/14/2021, 7:15pm CST

Congratulations to Banta's Blue Rocks and Prim's Padres for advancing to the Fall Season Finals next Sunday.  Games will start at 9 am.  

As voted on by the Captains, here are your 2021 Fall All Stars
David Lynn Division
C - Gary Frank
1B - Max Henry
2B - Dan Mele
3B - Brian Babbitt
SS - Daryl Drake
LF - Andy Mabry
LCF - Chris Cesario
RCF - Sheldon Fulton
RF - Kyle Casper
P - Ariel Rodriguez
OF - Vinnie Terhune
IF - Darius Wu
IF - Ryan Driggers
P - Kelly Alexander

Rick Baum Division
C - Omar Gonzalez
1B - Jon Kilburn
2B - Kelly Stites
3B - Matthew P. Brumley
SS - Luke Morgan
LF - Tim Jamieson
LCF - Donald Prim
RCF - Heath Jones
RF - Rohit Gulhati
P - Lee McDonald
IF - Joey Welter
OF - Justin Reed
OF - Ryan Prim
P - Scott Lawrence

The All-Star Game will be played at the conclusion of the Fall Championship Series next weekend.  The David Lynn Division will be captained by the division-winning team, Keith Dlott.  The Rick Baum Division will be Captained by the division winning team, Brooke Prim. 

Congrats to all for great individual seasons!

TSSL Banquet Scheduled

By JJ Eusay 11/10/2021, 9:00pm CST

We will be having the year-end Temple Shalom Softball breakfast/banquet at the Sheraton in McKinney on December 19th and we will get started at 8:30 sharp.  The address to the hotel is 1900 Gateway Blvd, McKinney 75070, just a little north of 121 and 75.  Players will be free, non-players will be $5 at the door. 
Since we did not have a breakfast last year, we will have a lot to cover.  We will cover the 2020 season with individual awards, team awards and Hall of Fame inductees.  We will have the Spring and the Fall 2021 to go over with team awards being given out, new touches to the individual awards, 2021 Hall of Fame inductees, an update on the Shalom Relievers Group, an update on the Randy Kramen documentary and Jared Sandler as the guest speaker. 
There will be a breakfast buffet served.  The goal will be to have everything wrapped up by 11:30.  All are welcome to join and hope you can make it.  It should be a great way to cap an eventful last 2 years.
A special thank you to Lee McDonald for helping facilitate this and Irwin Kaufman for always going above and beyond in his job as the liaison between the league and the Temple.  This all couldn't have been possible without the two of you, so, thank you both!!


Tiburones were cold and the Padres showed no Mercy

By Alfredo Sardi 11/08/2021, 4:45pm CST

On an unusual but nice play ball time for a Shalom playoff (9am), Tiburones showed to the field with the full team trying to get into the next playoff week. Having the OF leader back after his injured was really nice. However, field 2 was working against them and the outfield had a lot of trouble with the sun on their faces. Also, a weird situation happened when an umpire wanted to be the main show of the day with a particular way to handle a situation that 99% of the people on the field agreed that should be handle completely different.

I am not here to say that this was the reason of the 2 loses because the Padres were way better than us on both games. Hats off to the Prim’s and their team.

Game 1 – Tiburones 3 – Padres 16

Tiburones scored 2 on the 1st inning with a single by Andy and a double by captain Sardi, followed by a single of Jon Killburn. Padres answered back with 3 on the bottom of the 1st inning. Tiburones did not score on the 2nd and 3rd but the Padres were “caliente” and scored 8 on the 3rd. Tiburones tried to came back on the game but were short and just scored 1 on the 4th. Padres kept their “caliente” style and scored 5 more. The Tiburones arrived to the top of the 5th with the run rule on their shoulders and they could not score so the 1st game was over.

Game 2 – Padres 27 – Tiburones 5

After about 10 min, the game started on a similar way. The Padres scored 4 on the top of the 1st inning and Tiburones answered back with 2. However, the Padres were “en fuego” and scored 7 on the 2nd, 6 on the 3rd and 10 on the 4th showing not mercy at all. Tiburones were cold and nothing was working for them. They were able to scored 3 on the bottom of the 3rd with a dinger courtesy of Justin Reed. The game ended in 4th inning with another run rule.

We were able to play 2 more games and be at the 1st week of the playoff against the “No Mercy” Padres. They were not our compadres during the regular season and definitely not during the playoff. Kudos to them and win it all guys!

As the season ended for us, I want to say thank you to the 11 players that I drafted as I know they gave every week everything they have on the tank. This was my 2nd time as a captain and I can say that I did my best too. It was great to have the name of the team of my hometown.

Justin Reed – “Justino”: I was not expecting to have him on my 1st round of the draft and I was able to get him. We Have been playing together on a week night for about 3 years and we were together at the Eusay’s Astros. He may be the loudest person on the whole league and play the game with a lot of passion. He has been helping me a lot at the OF for a year and I appreciate all the suggestions during the draft and this season. Thank you my Canadian brother.

Andy Hoelscher – “Andres”: Shalom Rookie but we have been playing on weeks nights for a year. He plays with heart and passion for the game as every Cardinals fan. Really good person, good speed and will always be there to help and support.

Ben Enlow – “Big Ben”: 3rd time playing with him at Shalom (Cubs in 2019 and Astros 2021) and he sub with my team during week nights a couple of times. Great guy to share the field. He can lockdown the 3rd base, hit bombs and will always talk to you in a nice way. He is another player that will give you 100% and can show the passion during the games.

Brad Earls – “Pilot Point”: I played with him  years ago on a Saturday Shalom tourney and I drafted him knowing what I was going to get which is a great player that will show his temper as the game is going. The passion he brings to the game is nice even though he can lose it pretty quick lol. He will dive, hustle and do the best he can to contribute to the team.

Jonathan Killburn – “Jon”: 1st time playing with him and I am so glad I drafted him. He brings all the knowledge and help every time he is on the fields. He will always be there to give you some batting tips, support with stats, write ups and suggestions on how to be a better team and a better player.

Jonathan Braun – “JB”: 2nd time playing with him and the good vibe he brings to the field is really nice. I love having his kids on the field and supporting him every time. He is a great teammate and is able to play OF and 1B.

Liam Killburn – “Lazy”: 1st time playing with him too and it was a nice surprise. Even though he was always the last one arriving to the fields and almost never wears the team shirt, I love the enthusiasm of him in and out of the field. Also, he adapted to his defensive role without any problem. Since the draft, he was excited to be on the team and we were in contact since that day. I called him “Lazy” just for fun and we both laugh about it. Really nice kid that hit his 1st dinger at Shalom this season. Keep getting better every week brother.

Barry Epstein – “Tornado”: 1st time playing with this legend of the league. Great teammate willing to help, bring suggestions and listen to it. He brings his knowledge, a great speed, line drive hitter and the capacity to play multiple position which is always nice to have on a team. He started playing OF and 1B and changed to be a pitcher in the middle of the season.

Ian Contreras –“Tio”: What can I say about my uncle? He will always be there to help and plays with all he can. He is able to play 1B and OF. Really nice person in/out the fields and better friend than softball player lol. He does the job that nobody sees but it is important on a team. He got injured during Spring season due to the passion on a game. Great teammate.

Valentin Diaz – “Tigre”: We play on the same team on a week night. He arrived to the team by a trade after the draft per a personal request and negotiation with the Storm Chasers captain. Thanks JP for accepting this trade. Valentin will bring joy and willingness to always improve his skills. He is a great person to have at the dugout as he is always willing to help and never gets mad.

Chris Peterson – “Krispy”: 2nd time playing together and both times have been during Fall seasons. Great teammate that will always be there enjoying the game. Awesome person that listen advices and suggestions and work on it to be a better player. As I mentioned to you probably the last 3-4 weeks keep doing whatever you are doing my friend as you ended the season “en fuego”.

Thank you guys for a nice season! Hope to share the field with all of you again!



Division Championship Series Set

By JJ Eusay 11/07/2021, 6:30pm CST

Congrats to Dyer's Cannonballers, Alexander's Trash Pandas, Banta's Blue Rocks and Prim's Padres for advancing to the Division Finals.  The Cannonballers will matchup against the top seeded Padres while the Blue Rocks will face off against the Trash Pandas.  The winners will advance to play in the Fall Championship Series.