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By Jon Kilburn / Kyle Kravitz, 08/11/20, 10:15AM CDT


Knights vs Rangers - Field 4 Plano


It was a windy Sunday morning, as the Rangers trudged up to field 4...but there was a bit of spring in our steps, because we knew...Ryan Richardson had returned.  Invigorated and exuberant with the return or our mauler we warmed up and prepared for the task ahead of us.  The wind blowing steady and at times gusting hard in from left field meant that we'd need his left handed power to help us beat the wind and score runs.  As the visitors, we knew we had our work cut out for us.  The Rangers started with a Bang, sending 6 across in a flurry of hits starting with back to back singles from Osgood and Richardson, followed up by a walk from Dustin Bone and a Jon Kilburn single to drive in 2.  Glosier would come up with a single to drive in Bone and advance Kilburn to 3rd, where he'd be driven in by Liam Kilburn.  Kyle Kravitz would advance Liam to 3rd on deep single.  Tim Crites would then score Liam on a ground ball setting up Jimie Simeone for a nice single...but that would be where the offense would stall. The next inning would see "Stevie" Johnson get on with a walk where he'd be driven to second from newly acquired Robert Martinez (Acquired in trade that took place in a seedy back room somewhere in Plano no doubt!).  Another smash single from Richardson would move Johnson and Martinez, setting up the Dustin Bone SAC for a score.  The next two innings would remain scoreless, before the Rangers righted the ship with Osgood and Richardson banging out singles. A single from Glosier would score 2 more.  The Rangers would add another 3 before heading into the bottom of the 7th with a slight lead. Down 12-8 the Knights would bang out 3 to make it 12-11 before being retired.  Close game, but the Rangers pulled it out!  Good pitching by Scott Greenberg and Jon Kilburn with steady winds from the left pushing the ball all around!


Kyle Kravitz 3-3

Brian Osgood 3-4

Ryan Richardson 4-4 with a clutch 2 Run HR in the 7th

Mike Glosier 3-4 3 RBIs


Rangers host the Baby Jays - Field 3 Plano


Fresh off a rejuvenated win, the Rangers would bounce to field 3 for yet another wind tunnel game.  Gusting winds from the Left side would again play havoc with fly balls and pitches, in what would turn out to be the Rangers second 7-inning game. Osgood would continue his offensive attack with a lead off single and scoring on a triple from Jon Kilburn.  Kilburn would remain stranded (and winded, and almost dead) on 3rd as the side was retired. Kilburn would retire the Jays without a run scored, a theme he'd keep up over 3 1/2 innings before the Jays would break the seal.  The second would see Liam smoke a right field shot past Chris "the cat" Coffman, which would open the floodgates as back to back to back hits from Simeone, Garreth “G” Johnson and "Stevie" Johnson would score Tim Crites..but alas...even with all those hits the Rangers would still only plate one. Top of 3 would see singles from Osgood, Richardson and Bone, all of whom would score on triple from Glosier.  The pitching dual would continue but the Jays would finally bust open with some offense.  With the score knotted up 6-6 and Waffle House (or IHOP if your Kyle and Jon) on the line, we headed into the bottom of the 7th! The line up would roll to Osgood again...with 2 outs a hard double would set the winning run within scoring position!  A double from Richardson would send Osgood on a mad scramble toward home! He would score and the Rangers would take it on a walk off double from Ryan Richardson! Another great pitchers dual as Michael “grunt” Barth held the Rangers to only 7 through 6 2/3s.  Kilburn would hold the Baby Jays offense in check by keeping Andrew Williams hitless (pitched to him every at bat) and Randy Ransom to only 1 hit.  


Brian Osgood 3-4 with a Clutch Double in the 7th to set up the winning run

Ryan Richardson 3-4 2 Doubles (one of them the Walk Off)

Mike Glosier 2-3 Triple, 3 RBIs

Tim Crites 2-3, RBI