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Rangers Split

By Jon Kilburn / Kyle Kravitz, 08/16/20, 9:45PM CDT


Rangers at River Bandits



The Rangers filed into the dugout on Sunday morning feeling PRETTY good about themselves...for all of 15 minutes before the game started.  What started off so promising on a hot Sunday turned sour real fast...  the first three Rangers went down in order.  No runs, no drips, no, zilch, nada.  The River Bandits on the other hand would put 2 across on a Monster Smash from Driggers (his first of 2).  We played good defense, and did our best to hold the bevy of hitters on the Bandits at bay...but a few crucial hits would prove to be our undoing. The Rangers would chase from the beginning, however this was clearly a pitching dual. Final score River Bandits 8, Rangers 4.  


Garreth Johnson 2-3, 2 Singles and Run Scored

Tim Crites 2-3, Single, Double and Runs Scored


Astros at Rangers



Seething with anger and frustration, the Rangers took the field against the Astros, ready to in act vengeance and boy did we.  The game started with a few fly outs, and a missile by Justin Reed at Jon Kilburn’s head. Reed would later swear he miscounted the number of bangs on the trashcan. Allsup would hit a single, and be driven home by a pole banging HR from Astros slugger Arevelo Gonzalez. The Rangers would retire the side, come in and immediately come out swinging. Rolling through the order from top to bottom the Rangers would plate 6 before returning to the field.  The Astros would be retired without scoring and the Rangers would return. A second HR from Ryan Richardson, followed up by a Jon Kilburn home run would make the score 8-3.  A confusing scoreboard would eventually tell the correct tale by the games end.  The Astros would fight back with a HR from slugger Jordan Allsup.  The Astros would get to 7 but with the Rangers line up firing on all cylinders the Rangers would get to 12.  Final score Rangers 12, Astros 7.


Brian Osgood 3-4, 3 Singles and 3 Runs Scored

Jon Kilburn 3-4, Single, Double, Home Run and 3 RBIs

Ryan Richardson 4-4, Single, Double and 2 HRs with 4 RBIs

Jimie Simeone 2-3, 2 Singles