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By RYAN ALFORD, 08/22/20, 2:30PM CDT


Going into week 8, the Piggies were looking to keep the Dubs coming with an 11-3 record.   The River bandits and the Lugnuts used the ol’ Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend” phrase as a rallying cry!!



We all know Captain Greeley can serve them up, and the Piggies were looking foward to a feast, but “Not so fast my friend.”  The Bandits were hell bent on the serving the Pigs another Turd Sandwich, and they did successfully.  

The sandwich was created with the Bandits scoring 6 runs in the first inning, and mixed in another 9 runs in the second.  A dash of Bacon Boys defensive errors, coupled with a game total of 8 free passes to first, got the Bandits O into high gear.   The Bandits finished off this Sammie with an unpalatable 20 hits.

A little humble pie came in the way of Greeley’s masterful defensive alignments stealing hit after hit and keeping the Pigs’ offense to a total of 5 hits, O BBs and 4 runs.

The Bandit boys came out and dominated from start to finish in this game, and smiled as they walked out the field knowing the Piggies were choking down a Turd Sandwich without the bread!!  Well Played Bandits!!



The Piggies thought they could enjoy a tall drink of water in the way of the Lugnuts to get the taste out of their mouths from game 1, “Not so fast my friend!!”  The Lugnuts were only serving Sammies without the bread…

The Turd sandwich the Lugnuts served was slowly roasted and waiting for the perfect temp of 103F to pull off the grill and feed the Pigs. A delicate balance of sweet, savory paired with spicy, salty.  The Lugnuts masterpiece came with 19 hits, 5 BBs and 13 runs, and was paired with a punch, not a pinch, of D, holding the Piggies to 2 runs, 5 hits and 3 BBs.  Head chef, pitcher extraordinaire, Brad Parr said the key to serving a perfect Turd sandwich is complete and total domination.  Captain Niswonger held his composure on all 3-1 counts against him, but green lighted the rest of his team, proving to be a fantastic recipe to winning against the Pigs.  Well done Lugnuts!!


A double-decker Turd Sammie was served by the Bandits and Lugnuts, and eaten by the Pigs.  Unfortunately, the IRONPIOGS Water Boys were nowhere to be found Sunday morning at the Allen fields.