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2021 Captains and Team Names Announced!

By JJ Eusay, 11/23/20, 4:15PM CST


The following message is an update from our commissioner Scott Lawrence.

Your Spring 2021 Teams are as follows:

Weinfeld's Pirates

Silverman's Rangers

Unell's Clowns

Casper's Red Sox

Hauf's Sea Dogs

Muck's Rubber Ducks

Eusay's Astros (Bringin back the rainbows)

Alford's Iron Pigs

Buhrow's Bats

Miller's Mariners

Dyer/Cuddles' Tacos

Garber's Grasshoppers

Brooke's (Prim) Brewers

Cova's Marauders

Kravitz's ?

Williams' ?

The budget for the 2021 season should hopefully be finalized this week which will mean you should have a final total on what the Spring and Fall sessions will both cost. I hope to have the number by next Monday. As was stated previously, there will be an increase in cost and that is simply because the plan is to enhance the experience in both the Spring and the Fall. From the Captain's think tank, there have been some outstanding ideas on how to enhance your experience. The first idea came from Leo Cova who put together a "TSSL Awards Proposal". Included in this there are some awards that will stay the same like MVP, Captain of the Year, Mr. Softball and Rookie of the Year. New awards that will be handed out will include the CY Young to the best pitcher of each division, Gold Glove awards, 10 per division, per position, Silver Slugger Awards, 10 per position (Best offensive player per position for the entire league, not based on division), the Brotherhood Player of the Year, the Most Improved Player of the Year and the Championship Series MVP. Custom-designed shirts for the Championship winners (Spring and Fall) will happen as well.

We are going to have a "traveling trophy" created for the Champions of both the Spring and the Fall. This trophy will be substantial in size and have enough room on it to include the past 45 winners with their own plate on the trophy and room for at least 40 more winners to be added to it. The Fall will have one as well. Once the trophy is created, it will first be handed off to the Prim's. They will have the trophy for one year and then it will be handed off to the winners of the 2021 season in the same fashion the green jacket is handed over at The Masters. Schedule a party around the trophy with your team, this should make for a cool tradition I would think. All of the Individual Awards will be named after a Hall of Famer who came before us. I think it's important for the Hall of Famers who built the foundation of this League should be properly recognized from here on out. The traveling trophy for the Spring will be called the Bob Weinfeld _________ (suggestions are welcome). The name of the Fall traveling trophy is yet to be determined.

Lastly, the subs for 2021. We will have a total of 16 teams this year which should mean that our less than optimal sub situation should in theory be less problematic for 2021. In order to clean up the sub list this year, we are going to be charging the subs $40 to sign up as subs. Within the $40 charge, they will be guaranteed a uniform with the same logo that is used on the hoodies that JJ put together. The uniform cost is $25/person so, in essence, the cost to play would be $15 after the uniform cost. Kyle Kravitz gets credit for this one, thank you, sir! This should make it easier for the Captains to choose from and the Sub Chairman to choose from when acquiring the subs for the regular season and the playoffs.

That's all for now. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.