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By Kyle Kravitz/Jon Kilburn, 03/24/21, 10:15AM CDT


Legends welcome super sub Heath “The Game” Jones to the #LegendsArmy this week


Game 1 vs Rubber Ducks (W 19-11)

It was a nice sunny Sunday morning as our Superstars started out the day against the Mighty Muck’s Rubber Ducks.  Kelly “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” Stites would start the day with what would be referred to as the "Kelly Walk-a-thon" with his first walk of the day, setting up super Sub Heath “The Game” Jones who would smash a double into the Left Center gap, followed by a Single from the #LegendsArmy captain “Big Poppa Pump” Kyle Kravitz.  Heath would score on a single from “The Mouth of the South” Jon Kilburn. But that would be all the offense the Legends could muster in the first inning after plating 3 runs.  The Ducks would come roaring back to score 4, but the second inning would see our superstars unleash a fury of hits. Mark “Fritz Von Erich” Fishkind would start the rally going all the way through the lineup, as 9 runs would cross. Unfortunately, Legends pitcher Jon Kilburn would injure his hip in his second AB while attempting to leg out a hit to the Duck’s captain Muck who in a surprisingly nimble move would make a spectacular grab on a bullet down the 3rd base line.  He would continue and fight through the pain pitching off his one good leg…

The Ducks would add another 4 bringing their tally to 8. The Legends would string more hits together and drive another 7 across, banging their opponents senseless off the turnbuckle bringing their tally to a monstrous 19 going into the last inning. The Ducks would hang tough, but eventually fell to the mat for the 1, 2, 3 with a final 19-11.

Notable SuperStars of the Game

-Heath “The Game” Jones 3-3 (BB, 2 singles, double, 3 RS)

-Kyle “Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner” Kravitz 3-3 (BB, 2 singles, double, 2 RS, 5 RBIs)

-Mark “Fritz Von Erich” Fishkind 3-3 (3 singles, RS, RBI)


Game 2 vs Bats (W 13-11)

Staying put with the sun still bearing down bad on the right side of the infield, our #LegendsArmy got ready for what would turn into a no holds barred match against the battling bats. The Buhrow’s started strong with all getting on base in the first inning. Not to be outdone, Kelly “Hacksaw” Stites would continue his Walk-a-thon with a lead of walk, followed by 4 straight hits from “The Mouth of the South” Jon Kilburn, “Oh You didn’t know, Road Dogg Jesse James” David Shaw, Jacob “Warrior” Stites and Liam “XPac” Kilburn, Legends responded with 5 runs of their own.  After that, the pace would slow into a steady slugfest, each opponent landing a blow here and there but no one truly handing out the knockout punch.  Solid pitching by Mark “Fritz Von Erich” Fishkind and some stretches clearly meant to help him fix his injured hip by Jon Kilburn at first provided some true entertainment.  Nothing says Sunday Funday like watching a 50 year old nearly rip his pants in a stretch at first that no male should ever attempt.... Once again the Legends bottom 4 provided the finishing move and drove the opponent to the mat with the Superfly Splash front he top rope going 5-7 for a staggering .714 average!  Legends would take the 1, 2, 3 for a 13-11 victory, winning their 4th straight, improving their record to 5-3

Notable SuperStars of the Game

-Kelly “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” Stites 1-1 (2 BBs, single, 2 RS, RBI)

-Jacob “Ultimate Warrior” Stites 3-3 (3 singles, RS, 2 RBI)

-Andy “Rowdy Roddy Piper” Williams 2-2 (2 singles, RS)

-Liam “XPac” Kilburn 2-3 (2 singles, 3 RBIs)


Legends Impact Superstars Week 4

1.      Ray “The Anvil” Hebbeler 3-5 (3 singles, 2 RS, 3 RBIs) *clutch hitting at bottom of lineup

2.      Ron “The GOAT” Roberts (Woooooooo) 2-3 (2 BBs, 2 singles, 2 RS) *Turning over the lineup

3.      Kelly “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” Stites (perfect on the day and a walk machine at top of lineup) 2-2 (5 BBs, single, triple, 5 RS, 4 RBIs)

Honorable mention (super sub) Heath “The Game” Jones with lock down LCF 4-5 (2 BBs, 3 singles, double, 4 RS, RBI)