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Aguilas Offensive takes Flight Sweeping two tough Adversaries!

By Rookie "Capt." Sh0tz, 10/25/21, 2:45PM CDT



Game 1 8:00am Field 2

Tin Caps Vs. Aguilas

A slugfest was about to ensue during game 1 and I think both teams knew it. Greenberg and the boys rolled into Eagle Territory and so it began.

Tin Caps rolled 4 innings of 5 runs each to gather 20 runs in this battle off the many hits scattered across their line up with multi-Bombs by Chris Cesario including the go-ahead GS in the final at bat and Brian Babbitt adding to the Bombing. But it proved to do nothing but FUEL these Aguilas as the bats came roaring back EVERY SINGLE INNING.

Down 5 in the first, The Aguilas AARON HOLMES started thing off with a hit, MAX HENRY immediately makes his presence known with a 2 RUN SHOT screaming many obscene things as the ball landed in the RANCH across the street! RYAN DRIGGERS follows for a back-to-back HR slugging all too familiar with these two. The Capt. Follows up with another hit with DAN FELDMAN and FREDDY BARRAEZ bringing home the bacon to make it 5-4 to end the 1st.

Down 10-4 at the bottom of the 2nd, JAY SWANK rips a single and SUB BRANDON MENDELSOHN flips the line up to a red-hot AARON HOLMES who once again, rips a single scoring on a MAX HENRY double and is followed up by yet another DRIGGERS GET OUT OF HERE BALL Homer. The Capt. Walks and inning ends on a few FCs. 10-8 to close the 2nd.

Tin Caps to start the 3rd – Goose EGGS.

 Aguilas DAN FELDMAN starts the party with a line drive hit, followed by a FREDDY BARRAEZ line shot to center for a double. JOHNNY MANJARREZ Singles, and BRANDON rips a single to bring in a run.

Top of the 4th, 10-10 and the Tin Caps come back and score another 5 runs. 15-10

Aguilas start the bottom of the 4th with a line shot double from the Capt. Followed by another double by BRIAN OSGOOD and ANOTHER double by MATT MYERS and BOOM- FREDDY BARRAEZ sends one over the fence to clear the bases and top off the bottom with 5 more runs. Score 15-15

Tin Caps will not relent a few hits, here, there and the bases are loaded for Chris Cesario. Yes, we will mention, he is an excellent offensive beast who hit a pitch no where near the strike zone angrily over the fence. Chris, we’ll make you an AGUILA-don’t you worry- your interview is over. Tin Caps have the lead 20-15, but the AGUILAS have the HAMMER!

Aguilas top comes up and take off exactly as they have been all day – FIRED UP. AARON HOLMES Singles, RYAN DRIGGERS with all his good manners- rings the doorbell across the street at the RANCH with another BOMB. The Capt. continues the rally and rips another single, followed by another hit by BRIAN OSGOOD, followed by a hit by DAN FELDMAN

2 Out... Were down 2 runs, 2 on base, up comes a sizzling FREDDY BARRAEZ who saves no MERCY for the TIN CAPS as he WALKS IT OFF for the AGUILAS over the LCF wall. AGUILAS WIN! THE AGUILAS WIN! Hats off to the Tin Caps.

Final Score: 21-20

Iron Eagles:

Aaron Holmes: 3-4 3R RBI

Ryan Driggers: 3-4 3R 6RBI 3HR

Rookie “Capt.” Sh0tz: 3-3 2R 2B BB

Dan Feldman: 4-4 3R 2B RBI

Freddy “El Mikiti” Barraez: 4-4 3R 2B 2HR 6RBI


Game 2

Blue Rocks Vs. Aguilas


Coming off a much-needed WIN, the Aguilas fixed their eyes on the Blue Rocks for Game 2. As much as we’ve heard this season it started with the MATT RAKOFSKY and RYAN RICHARDSON offensive show for 2 runs in the 1st.

Aguilas didn’t score in the bottom of the 1st, and it was the first time today. That’s alright, the second inning was coming…

Blue Rocks score 2 more in the second and take a 4-0 lead when in the bottom of the 2nd, MATT MYERS starts things off with a Hard hit, a Double by a “FELDMAN on fire” and then… FREDDY BARRAEZ clears the stage with another 3 RUN BOMB- HIS 3rd of the DAY!!!! – The line up is flipped in the 2nd! AARON Holmes doubles with speed still in the tank, a walk by HENRY, a walk by DRIGGERS, The Capt. Rips a bases Loaded hit for 2 Runs followed by more scoring off a hit by BRIAN OSGOOD to end the 2nd 7-4 Aguilas.

Blue Rocks weren’t done and score 3 in the top of the 3rd off a RYAN RICHARDSON Bomb as the Aguilas go quietly again in the 3rd, Score is now 7-7.

Blue rocks, top of the 4th- GOOSES, Here come the Aguilas. JAY SWANK walks, BRANDON MENDELSOHN singles, Line up TURNED-

AARON HOLMES RIPS a single, MAX HENRY WILLS the ball to centerfield for a double, and DRIGGERS with his Enough-is-Enough swing. HR knocking on FARMER RANCH ACROSS THE STREET again clearing the bases. The Capt. continues with another single, MATT MYERS walks and DAN “CAN’T BE STOPPED” FELDMAN rips his 6th hit of the day scoring the Capt. as the AGUILAS end the inning 13-7.

Blue Rocks score one more as do the Aguilas with the top of the lineup with AARON HOLMES scoring off a MAX HENRY double. Blue rocks run out of opportunities and the Aguilas WIN IT!

Final Score: 14-8

Iron Eagles:

Aaron Holmes: 3-3 3R BB RBI

Max Henry: 2-3 2R 2 2B BB 3RBI

Ryan Driggers: 2-2 2R 2BB HR 3RBI

Dan Feldman: 2-2 R 2B BB RBI