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Storm Split, Secure Bye

By Kyle Casper, 05/22/22, 4:15PM CDT


Going into today’s games, the Storm were missing their Lynchpin, Danny Cortez, as well as resident Youngin’ Brandon Mendelsohn. A Storm sweep would have guaranteed a first place finish on the season, but a Storm split has guaranteed a playoff bye.

Game 1, Storm @ Grasshoppers 16-12

Triumphantly returning from whatever it was he was doing last week, Sheldon Fulton got things rolling in the top of the first in typical fashion with a leadoff single. He was left stranded on the bases after 3 consecutive Storm flyouts. The Grasshoppers had no problem scoring early in this game, posting a bunch of runs in the first few innings. Down several runs going into the top of two, Dennis Brumett took a leadoff walk, famous strike out artist Will Ryan singled, and captain Kyle Casper walked to load the bases. JC Burks hit the first of many sac flys in this game to score Brumett, and the Storm gifted the Grasshoppers with a couple more flyouts. Heading into the top of 3 down a big crooked number, the Storm needed a big inning. 

Narrator: “They didn’t get it.

Moving on into the top of 4, Joe Calvano and Dennis Brumett both singled, and Will Ryan smoked an RBI double, scoring Calvano. JC Burks hit his second sac fly to score Brumett, Matt Casey walked, and super sub Joseph Sanchez knocked Ryan in, while Matt Casey strategically made an out at third so that he could run for Camby in the fifth. Still down a bunch of runs going into the top of 5, Camby lead things off with a single, and Chris Cesario smashed a 2-run shot. Matt Brumley singled, and Calvano, inspired by Cesario, also hit a 2-run homer. Brumett doubled and scored on a Will Ryan double, who was left out to dry. With 8 runs scored in the fourth and fifth innings, the Storm made the score competitive. Going into the top of the sixth as time expired, the Storm really needed a big inning. This time, they got it. Sanchez drew a walk, and Camby singled. Sheldon Fulton singled and knocked Sanchez in on some crazy aggressive base running. Cesario then smashed a 3-run shot. Brumley smoked a home run of his own, and the Storm weren’t done. Calvano singled, Brumett found a way to induce an infield error, and Will Ryan hit his fourth base hit of the game, knocking in Calvano. Captain Casper miraculously got a hit, and JC Burks hit his third sac fly to score Will. The Storm defense held, and they went on to win the game 16-12.

Game 2, Dragons @ Storm

Excited to get things rolling on field 3, where the Storm were as yet undefeated, there was something strange in the air. It was, in fact, the air itself that was strange, as the wind was blowing the wrong damn way. The Dragons smashed their way to 5 runs in the top of the first. Sheldon Fulton started the bottom of 1 with another leadoff single, followed by a Chris Cesario double. Unfortunately, the Storm could only knock one run in on a Joe Calvano sac fly. The Storm defense held in the top of 2, and in the bottom of 2, Will Ryan decided to hit his fifth consecutive base hit, and smacked a leadoff single. Casper snuck a double into right field, and JC Burks, master of knocking in runs without actually getting on base, hit an RBI groundout to score Will. Matt Casey drew his second walk of the day, and Joseph Sanchez hit an RBI fielder’s choice to score Casper. Duane Camby and Sheldon Fulton both singled, and Chris Cesario knocked 2 in on a single with extra bases on a throwing error. The Dragons scored 4 more in the top of 3, and the Storm were unable to answer despite Will Ryan getting his sixth hit of the day. In the bottom of 4, the Storm rallied back with a 7 run inning, lead off by a Matt Casey walk (his third of the day), a Joseph Sanchez walk, and a Duane Camby walk. Sheldon Fulton doubled and knocked in 2, Cesario singled, Brumley hit a SF, and Joe Calvano blasted a 3-run shot. Brumett hit a solo shot, capping the inning at 7. The Dragons continued to hit however, and though the Storm had a chance to make the comeback in the bottom of 6, they were only able to produce 1 of 3 needed runs to stay alive.


Storm IPOWs

1-4 Chris Cesario 6 for 8, 2B, 2 HRs, 4 runs scored, 7 RBI. Great LCF defense as always.

5-8 Will Ryan 6 for 8, 2 2Bs, no strikeouts, 2 runs scored, 3 RBI. Played a solid 3B today.

9-12 Duane Camby, 3 for 5, BB, 4 runs scored, scored every time he was on.