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Tacocat Backwards is Tacocat

By Craig Dyer, 05/24/22, 11:45PM CDT


Game 1            Padres at Tacos 2-6

The Tacos had the late games and thankfully that led to filling a full squad at the last minute as coach Taco had 6 different set of subs throughout the week.  Ben Rakofsky pitched another great round against the top hitter Padres and kept much of their lineup off the bases.  The Tacos were able to scrounge up a few runs in the first with Brian McClanahan (BMac) knocking in a run with a single and coach (not hitting to Brooke) hit a sacrifice fly to right.  Not much to write about in the middle innings as both teams were able to hold opposing teams in check.  With the score 3-2 Tacos in the 5th, the Tacos were able to put 3 runs on the board with Matt Rakofsky, Spencer Manz and Ryan Tisendorf all with singles and then knocked in by Ben Piper and coach.  No lead is safe against the Padres and in the 6th, Ben was able to battle through the top of the lineup not letting them score with bases loaded.  This game was much closer than the result as it was just a matter of time before the Padres woke up.

Game 2          Monarchs at Tacos 11-13

Both the Monarchs and Tacos know that they are destined for the minis, but that didn’t stop both teams from putting up runs.  I believe the Monarchs put up 5 to start and the Tacos defense looked a little off, but when it was our time to hit, we didn’t disappoint.  The Tacos started off with Spencer Manz hitting a Home Run, Ryan Tisenedorf a single, Brian McClanahan a double, Ben Piper a double and Asher Feltman a single.  The second inning was much like the first as Tommy Baer lead off with a single, Matt Rakofsky with another single, Man with a double, BMac with a double (3rd in a row) and coach with a single to land another 5 runs.  The Monarchs battled and scrounged some runs here and there to keep game in check.  With the game winding down and the Tacos with home field, the Tacos were able to get a lucky blooping single by Matt Rakofky and a single by Spencer Manz to run the game out and win by 2.

Highlights for day

Matt Rakofsky 7/8 with 7 singles.

Brian McClanahan 5/6 with 2 singles and 3 doubles and 5 RBIs.

Ryan Tisenfdorf 2/3 with 2 singles, 2 walks and 4 runs scored.

Tommy Baer 2/5 with 2 singles, 1 walk and 1 run scored.