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Fall Registration Info

By JJ Eusay, 07/01/22, 3:00PM CDT




The fall registration signups will begin on Monday, July 18th as detailed below. In order to circumvent some of the challenges many experienced during the spring registration, we have established a seniority-based signup process with the following guidelines to provide a more balanced registration process for this fall. There are some additional conditions relative to missing weeks, unexcused absences, and designated registration time slots. Please read carefully and ask questions ahead of time.  The cost for the Fall will be $152/person.  This will consist of 8 weeks of double headers starting September 11th.  There will be no weeks off, the last week of the season is October 30 with 3 weeks of playoffs, Championship is to be played on November 20th.  


1. Everyone is grouped in categories, A through D.  Category A represents 20 or more years in the League.  Category B is 10-19 years of service in the League.  Category C is 5-9 years of service in the League.  Category D is less than 5 years of service.

Sign up times on July 18th

  • Category A: 8 am to 12 pm
  • Category B:  12:01pm to 4pm
  • Category C:  4:01pm to 8pm
  • Category D:  8:01pm to 11:59pm


2.  If you are going to miss more than 3 total weeks, you will be assigned a spot on the sub list.  At registration, you will be asked what weeks you will be missing and will not be able to move to the next page until that is filled out.  


3.  If there is more than 1 unexcused absence, meaning it was NOT filled in as missing dates at sign-ups, the Captain who drafts you will have the authority to remove you from the team and replace you with someone from the sub list to play in your spot permanently.  There will be NO refund for removal because of unexcused absences.  


4.  There has been a master sheet created by the Captains and Leadership.  If you sign up in the wrong time slot, your registration will be canceled.  Please make sure you find your name on the master sheet sent by your spring captain and sign up in the correct time slot.  


5.  Any names NOT on the Master Sheet (Rookies) will be able to sign up at 12:00 am on July 19th.  If there are no slots remaining, those rookies will be subs only at the cost of $40/person.