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Lion's Cave - Week 1

By Leo Cova, 09/12/22, 3:00PM CDT


The Leones roared loudly on Sunday and grabbed a couple of big wins on opening day against two Rakofsky division rivals in a truly remarkable team effort

Corny Dogs (W 10-2)

Game one showcased Leones biggest strength, its defense, by holding the Corny Dogs to just 2 runs in a 6-inning affair, led by the great pitching performance of Leones POW Barry Epstein, who according to a very reliable source said “It makes a true difference in your performance when you play for a winning jersey” referring to his past experience representing the Tiburones last Fall

Along with Epstein pitching performance, the feline squad would have not been able to capture this win if it wasn’t for the top defensive plays displayed by the most experienced second baseman duet TSSL has ever witnessed with Leones HOF Steve Johnson and future HOF Ron Roberts turning play after play throughout the entire game, as well as constant clutch hitting from dying Leones fan Taylor Guzman who according to another source said: “Wearing the Leones jersey at this highly competitive level represents a dream come true for me and my family

Cyclones (W 15-4)

With the pressure of high defensive performance, Leones had to remain relentless and extremely focused if they were going to bring home their first sweep of the season. And such they did, once again led by another solid pitching performance from POW Epstein who hold the Cyclones to 4 runs in 6 innings along with hitting his first triple of the season. Some unverified sources said that Epstein comment in the dugout that he “will lead the team in extra bases by the end of the season”, but that remains uncertain so will need to confirm this in an upcoming article edition

Defensive-wise, the story was no different for the Leones compared to game one with the caveat that defensive gems occurred in the outfield, where the likes of Alexander, Shwarts.M (the ugly one), Doyle and Glauvitz led the way. This last one (Glauvitz) made the Leones ‘play of the week’ with an inning-ending out at home by firing the ball from the farthest part of centerfield to the cut Drake who then threw a strike to home plate where Shwarts. A (the good-looking one) made the catch to stop the Cyclone's rally

Offensively speaking, Leones displayed what they are capable of, led by Glauvitz's first hit and homer in TSSL as a regular player, who according to a verified source stated he is  “extremely happy to achieve this considering how difficult is to get hits in this league”. But Glauvitz was not the only one to homer, as Trash Pandas icon Alexander joined the Leones “HR Club” with a solo blast. When asked about his feelings about hitting this homerun, an unverified source told us that Alexander said he "felt very grateful for finally having a very good coach along him this year”

Leones will now get ready for the early games next Sunday and defend their undefeated record (a situation that the captain is not accustomed to) when they face the Cervezas and the Aviators


Side note – Prior to the start of the 2nd game, Cyclones and Leones had a moment of silence to honor the victims of the 9/11 attack and the impact these had on the lives of the western civilization, reason why I’ll like to publicly recognize rookie captain Kevin Knox for taking this initiative!