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1 Cerveza Por Favor

By Alfredo Sardi, 09/14/22, 9:30AM CDT


Opening day is always a nice day and it was a good one but not the best one for the Cervezas.

Game 1 at Crawdads

After a scoreless 1st inning for both teams, the Cervezas opened the cans with 3 runs on the 2nd inning when Ronny got a single, Hauf a walk, Andy Williams aka “Califas”, Karlos Rodriguez aka “Karlucho” and Jeff Roberts aka “Primo” got singles too. The Crawdads scored one on the bottom of that inning.

Cervezas score one more on the 3rd with a solo HR from JJ aka “Jota Jota”. The Crawdads score 4 on the bottom of the 4th and 1 on the 5th so the score was 4-4 on the 5th. However, the Cervezas turned the party on and score 3 runs on the top of the 6th with a walk for captain Sardi, a double for Andy Hoelscher aka “yeah yeah”, a walk to JJ, SF for Enlow and 2 consecutive singles from Hauf and “Califas”.

The score did not have any other change and the Cervezas won their 1st game of the season with a final score of 7-4.

Game 2 vs Mudcats

The Cervezas began the game with 1 run on the bottom of the 1st inning after a single from Sardi, a double from Andy, a walk to JJ and a fielder’s Choice from Enlow. The Mudcats answered back on the 2nd and tied the game. The bottom of the 3rd saw 4 Cervezas scoring after Jerry Rogers turned the party on with a single, Pablito got on base with a fielder’s choice, Sardi and Andy H got a single, JJ got another walk to served the table for a 2 rbi single with bases loaded from Big Ben, Hauf brought one more home with a fielders choice. Mudcats scored 1 on the top of the 4th and the Cervezas did the same on the bottom of that inning after K Rod turned the party on with a single and Primo got a doble, followed by a defensive error that brought Rogers to 1st and K Rod scored.

The Mudcats kept fighting and scored 2 more on the top of the 5th so the score was 5-4 by that moment. The top of the 6th was a terrible inning for the Cervezas as they may have been drinking too much because 2 defensive errors combined with several hits from the Mudcats change the score after they score 5 on that inning. The Cervezas could not score on the 6th and they arrived to the bottom of the 7th down by 3. However, they were going to fight until the last bottle was opened. Jerry Rogers got a walk, captain Sardi got a single, Andy H. strikeout, JJ got a doble and 2 rbi’s, Enlow got a walk but was not enough and the cervezas lost 9-8.

The Cervezas will regroup and will have early games next week against Pease’s Storm Chasers and Cova’s Leones (who is already talking about playing again us). It will be the 4th time the Venezuelan captains play against each other and the record is 2-1 with Captain Sardi up into the matches. Will captain Cova be able to get into his 1st playoff? Will the Leones be Lions or just kitty cats?

1,2,3 Cervezas!