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Dos Cervezas Compadre

By Alfredo Sardi, 09/21/22, 1:15PM CDT


Week 2 – 9-18-22

Game 1 at Cova’s Leones

On field 1 and 8am, the 2 Venezuelan captains were going to have their game with both teams playing with 11 players. However, the Leones had a sleepy one that did not show up until the 4th inning so they needed to take an out. The Cervezas score on the 1st inning with a triple by Jota Jota and a single by Andy “en fuego” Hoelscher (you will understand why he is called “en fuego”). The Leones answered back on the bottom of the 1st to tied the game. They add 2 more on the 2nd. The Cervezas scored one more on the 3rd after captain Sardi got a double and score after 2 sac flies from Jota Jota and Andy H. However, the Leones scored one more on the bottom of the 3rd. After a scoreless 4th, the Cervezas turned the party on on the 5th and scored 5 runs when Pablito got a single, Jota Jota a double and Andy a sac fly. Then 3 singles from Big Ben Enlow, Ronny and Hauf, a double by Andy Williams “Califas” and a single by Jeff Roberts “Primo”. The Leones could not score more the rest of the game.

However, the Cervezas were enjoying the sunny morning and keep the party on the top of the 6th with consecutive singles by Jerry Rogers and Pablito to flip the lineup, Sardi and Jota Jota got walks and the table was served for a Big Salami courtesy of Adny “en fuego” Hoelscher! Big Ben said “I am going to keep the party on” and hit a back to back. Then, Ronny got a double, Hauf a single, Andy “Califas” a Sac fly to complete the rally.

There is a rumor on the Leones dugout that Barry Epstein mentioned that his last Fall with the Tiburones he had a better captain than this Fall but it looks like it is just a rumor lol.

Final Score – Cervezas 14 – Leones 4

Game 2 vs Storm Chasers

After moving to field 2, the Cervezas we on fire and were not going to stop. The Storm Chasers scored 2 on the top of the 1st but the Cervezas answered back on the bottom with 4 runs after a single by Cap. Sardi, a triple by Jota Jota, consecutive single by Andy “en fuego”, Big Ben, Ronny and Andy “Califas”. The Storms scored 3 on the top of the 2nd to take the lead again but the Cervezas did their job and scored 3 morewith a 2 out rally when Jota Jota hit one over the fence finding Pablito and cap. Sardi on the bases.

However, the Storm Chasers scored one more on the top of the 3rd to put the game 7-6 and the Cervezas did not score on that inning. The 4th inning found the Cervezas turning the party on again with 2 outs when Sardi got a single, Jota Jota got another walk, Andy “en fuego” a single and Big Ben a double. After a scoreless 5th, the Storm Chasers scored 2 on the top of the 6th and the Cervezas answered back with 3 more after a single by Jerry Rogers, a double by Sardi, another walk to Jota Jota, a SF by Andy H and a single by Enlow.

Final score – Cervezas 13- Storm Chasers 8

Andy Hoeslcher – 5-5 HR (Big Salami), triple, 3 runs, 10 RBI, 3 Sac Fly

Jota Jota Eusay – 4-5 HR, 2 triples, 7 runs, 5 RBI’s, 3 walks

Jeff Roberts “Primo” – 5-6 RBI, Sac fly

Jhon Hauf great pitching only allowing 12 runs.