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Lion's Cave - Week 2

By Leo Cova, 09/21/22, 6:45PM CDT


Leones felt under the pressure that represents holding an undefeated record in Shalom, and on Sunday the team was swept for the first time this season. When asked about the team performance during the press conference, coach Cova said “It is all my fault! I should never carry that cursed Marauder hat on my bag!” referring to the ‘inspirational’ outfit object he used in a past managerial experience

vs Cervezas (L 4-14)

One might say that the player's numerical disadvantage the Leones faced against the rival had a negative impact, but when a team averages less than 0.7 runs/inning against a 4mph pitch, hardly there aren't any other reasons to determine why the game was lost.

Nevertheless, the final score does not represent the true story of the game, as the feline squad battled and had the lead thru 4 innings, largely thanks to All-Star SS Drake who according to some unverified sources said “We will beat the Cervezas with just 5 players!” but as with every unverified source, no formal accountability can be drawn from such mighty words!

But it was not just Leones’s round #1 pick solid offense that kept the team in the game, but also the extraordinaire defensive plays and hitting contributions from second baseman Roberts and emergency right-fielder Diaz, who made probably the best catch of his life in the league, with a bit over of anticipated celebration. When asked about this catch, Diaz mentioned that he “Was so happy to make that play and show to his daughter and potentially future son-in-law what he is still capable to do”

vs Aviators (L 6-7)

After a tough loss and upon returning to a ‘full’ 11 roster, the Leones went to Field 1 in an effort to salvage the day and capture a split, but unfortunately for the felines rookie captain Allsbrook had other plans

Game started strong for the Leones thanks to offensive contributions from Drake and very well-rested Alexander, yet the team was not able to massively capitalize on those initial innings. When asked about how he achieved to be so fresh and relaxed, Alexander mentioned that it was “thanks to a very reliable wake-up call service from ran by former shalomer Andrew Williams” who  apparently offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if not called on within 5 minutes of the scheduled time

Guzman and Diaz did everything in their power to turn the line-up over and over again, but when you keep a very low per inning run average (1 per inning this time), it is very difficult to capture a win in this league, even if you have another solid pitching performance from HOF Epstein

Hold to just 6 runs in a tied game and heading to the bottom of the 6th, the solid Aviators offense had everything set up for a walk-off win, and so they did, putting the Leones on a .500 record for the season


Side note – Will like to mention that captain Allsbrook almost fell in tears after receiving Leones dedicated line-up, a practice that the coach has done in every game since his inception as a manager in the League back in 2019. Must say thou, that Aviator's captain post-dated signed his non-branded Line-up card, which is a decent enough effort for a rookie captain!