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Dodgers fly in fan base from Brooklyn and get a sweep

By Kevin Knox, 03/14/23, 4:45PM CDT


Dodgers fly in fan base from Brooklyn to sweep Legends and da Wiener Schnitzels

Brooklyn 17 Legends 2

A cheering section from Brooklyn got the Dodgers pumped up and ready to go despite the oddly cold weather for an 1130 game. Whatever they were doing worked out pretty well. 8-12 Dodgers got multiple hits. 9-12 got RBI's, 9-12 scored runs. Defense was locking it down. Pitching was out of site. Legends get 2 in top of the first and nothing the rest of the game. Kelly, Jacob, Ryan, Rohit, and Dwayne all perfect at the plate. Jacob ran all the way around all the bases in the time the captain might have made it to 2nd. Jay's hustle kept an inning alive that lead to 7 runs. Dwayne put the run rule in effect to end the game on a solid single.


Kelly Stites 3-3 2 1B, 1 2B, 3R, 2 RBI Filled in at 1B for broke captain and quintessential lead-off hitter great team player ready to help wherever needed and with the ability to do so.

Jacob Stites 2-2 1 1B, 1 Sac, 1 Inside the parker, 2 R 3 RBI Great D. He's getting better...

Ryan Driggers 3-3 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 HR, 3 R, 4 RBI More great D and he hit a little bit too. Wind schmind

Jay Swank 1-2 1 1B, 2 R, 1 RBI Hustled to keep an inning alive to roll it back to the top again...

Brooklyn 14 Brats 10

With a change in fields brings a change in wind direction. Both teams salivating with 20 mph blowing straight out on a field that usually does the opposite. More fans pour in from Brooklyn and that's what the Dodgers needed for this one. The Dodgers grab the early lead with another Kelly lead-off single and Jacob smoke shot over the fence. Ryan followed that with solo shot over the net himself. Ariel grabs a single but gets forced out at 2 leaving Rohit at 1st. Jason smacks a double scoring Rohit. Wilfredo gets to 1st on a miscue by the Brats which moves Jason to 3rd. Matt hits a deep sac to score Jason. Carlos gets a single but the inning ends with a stout 5 runs. Brats come up with 3 on a bomb over the net by some guy named Luke. Bats on both teams go quiet in the 2nd. Dodgers hit the ball hard but muster nothing again in the 3rd. Some guy named Luke gets up again a hits another out, just over the fence this time and the Brats take the lead 6-5. The 4th inning comes and goes with neither team scoring. Top of the 5th, Steve leads off with walk. The Brats grab a nice double play and then Jay smashes a single to roll it to the top with 2 outs again. Kelly smashes another single himself.  Jacob rips one for 3 bags scoring 2. Ryan hits a screaming liner just over the fence and almost caught by Dylan Buhrow. Ariel and Rohit both grab a single and Jason walks. Wilfredo comes to plate pops a single to score 2 more. All told 6 Runs with 2 outs. The Brats strike back because some guy named Luke got to bat again and only hit it 2/3 up net this time and they grabbed 3 more runs. 11-9. The Dodgers score 1 more in the 6th on a single by Carlos, another walk by Steve, and another single by Kelly.  The Brats don't counter but are able to start another inning with just 40 seconds left. Brooklyn keeps the pressure on with a monster solo shot by Ryan that had the commissioner crying. Ariel then scores on back to back singles by Super Subs Jason and Wilfredo. The Brats get 1 more but it's not enough.


Kelly Stites 4-4 4 1B, 2 R, 1 RBI completed a perfect day at the plate

Jacob Stites 2-4 1 3B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 2 R Being everywhere again on offense and defense kept pushing even when things got a little squirrely

Ryan Driggers 3-4 3 HR, 4 RBI, 3 R, 1 Commissioner car window

Jay Swank 1-3 1 1B, 1 R Great Defense again with diving plays. Rolled it back to the top again with 2 down to get that 6 run inning going

RyanDriggers Homerun Ball.jpg

Sub Stats

Jason Naranjo 3-5 2 BB, 2 1B, 2 R, 1 RBI 

Wilfredo Nieves 5-7 5 1B, 4 RBI