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By ALFORD, 03/21/23, 6:30PM CDT


The captain of the little piggies has been M.I.A. the last few weeks on the Captain’s Corner.   So to rectify this, the slacker captain will write a quick synapse of the last few weeks finishing with games this week.


Week – 3 


Piggies dropped 2 by way of the excellent hitting by both the Dodgers and the Rangers.  


IRONPIGS – 5 vs DODGERS – 17  FIELD 2 @ 8:00


The Dodgers started the tough day for the Pigs.  Driggers was a beast as usual hitting fence bomb after fence bomb paired with gold glove defense.  Ariel pitched tremendously keeping the Pig’s O off balance.  Jay Swank peppered in some excellent defensive plays at 3rd base.  Couple all this with Cpt. Kevin Knox strategically placing his defenders and the timely hitting by his lineup top to bottom, and the little Piggies were simply outmatched in this game.


RANGERS - 11 vs IRONPIGS – 5  FIELD 3 @ 9:10


The Rangers were next up on the slate.  Tight ball game the first couple of innings, but the Rookies for the Rangers took over the game.  Timely defensive plays stifled the Pig’s bats.  The Rangers sticks got red hot as well.  Hit after hit paired with the Wildcard runner being utilized allowed the Rangers to push the bases and the scoreboard.  


Week – 4


Piggies bounce back with a sweep of their own.




The Grasshoppers ball club was led by Ortega, Brumley, Greenberg and Cassell on the defensive side of the diamond.  Not to be outdone by the young guys, Jeff “Wild Thing” Roberts started a 4-3 double play to snuff out a Pig’s rally in the 4th.  The Pig’s returned the defensive favor with great plays by Manz, Stutz, Miller, Brink and Cuddles; not to mention the duel pitching effort of Barth and Papi Chulo Rodriguez!! Hoppers put together a rally in their last at bat, but came up short in the end.


IRONPIGS – 11 vs WOODPECKERS – 9  FIELD 1 @ 9:10


Woodpeckers scored a run in every inning played in this game.  Kelly’s Peckers team hit from top to bottom, but the Pig’s D never gave up the really big inning.  The last inning, the Peckers fought their way back from being down 11-6 to 11-9.   The Pig’s D was led by the usual gang of Manz, Stutz, Miller, Barth, Adriano, Brink and Cuddles.


Week – 5


PIRATES – 15 vs IRONPIGS – 16  FIELD 4 @ 11:30


Buccos came out swinging AND gloving!!!  The Pirates peppered hits everywhere on the field, and the defense was amazing through 4 innings of play.  Score was 15-6 with 8 minutes to play in the game as the Pig’s went to bat in the bottom of the 5th inning.  

Ozzie and Cbass worked a walk and Manz drilled a liner over the fence.  Stutz and Cuddles each had a 2 bagger, followed up with an onslaught of singles from Steele, Miller, Brinkman, Adriano.  Dorian “Hustle” Moore drove in the tying run to knot the game at 15.  With 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd, Cbass hit a ball to the OF for his first ever Shalom League walk off hit.  


IRONPIGS – 14 vs PADRES – 4  FIELD 2 @ 12:40


Piggies were riding a high from game one, and the Padres were having none of it by capatilizing on some defensive miscues to take the lead.  Pig’s responded by manufacturing 2 runs of their own in the bottom of the inning thanks to a Manz and Stutz starting the inning off with hits against knuckleballer John Burke

Nothing doing in inning 2 for either team.  

Pigs plated 3 in the 3rd thanks to the bats of Stutz, Steele and Cuddles.  Barth, Adriano, Zurita, Moore and Cbass joined the offensive action in the 4th. The offensive barrage was capped off with a Miller/Brinkman combo to plate 4 for a 9-run inning.

Barth and Adriano held the Padres offense to 4 runs for a combined effort in the victory.