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Captain's Corner

Captain's Corner

Well, folks, grab your seats and tune in, 'cause we've got a couple of ballgames for the ages to recount! First up, in a heart-pounding battle against the Mets, our heroes emerged victorious with a nail-biting score of 12-11.

Dylan, the maestro at shortstop, stepped up to the plate with a swagger. In three plate appearances, he delivered two hits, including a triple, and crossed the plate twice, setting the stage for the drama that would unfold.

David, patrolling the right-center field like a sentinel, showcased his hitting prowess with three hits, one of them a resounding double. He rounded the bases three times, adding to the symphony of runs, and notched an RBI to his name.

Joey, the powerhouse at first base, became the stuff of legends. In three plate appearances, he unleashed a hitting onslaught with three hits, including two doubles and a majestic homerun. The scoreboard flickered to life as he tallied three runs and a whopping five RBIs, a Herculean feat that echoed through the airwaves.

Allz, the guardian of the hot corner, contributed mightily to the cause. With two hits, one of them a thunderous homerun, he danced across the bases twice and drove in two crucial runs, igniting the crowd with his heroics.

Super Sub Aaron Holmes, a dynamo in left-center field, entered the fray with gusto. In three plate appearances, he blasted two hits, including an inside-the-park homerun and a double. A run scored, and he etched three RBIs onto the scoreboard, leaving a mark on the annals of softball lore.

Blake, the steady presence in left field, added his note to the symphony with a single hit. Although the run and RBI columns remained untouched, his contribution played a vital role in the team's rhythm.

Danny, patrolling the vast expanse of right field, made his mark with a single hit. He circled the bases once, contributing a crucial run to the team's cause.

Croce, the hurler on the mound, faced the challenges of the batter's box with determination. While hits eluded him, his focus remained on the mound, where he pitched with the grit of a true warrior.

Crites, the guardian of the keystone, made his mark with a triple and a walk. A run batted in added to the tale of his heroics, showcasing his skill and poise under pressure.

Omar, stepping up to the plate in right field, faced the opposition with courage. Although hits and RBIs eluded him, his presence on the field added to the team's collective strength.

Sub Alan Gohlke and Miller, the masked men behind the plate, held their ground with plate appearances that showcased patience and resilience, earning walks that contributed to the team's strategic approach.

In a grand crescendo of hits, runs, and RBIs, our heroes emerged victorious, overcoming the Mets with a final score of 12-11. The airwaves buzz with the echoes of their triumph, and the diamond stands witness to a saga that will be recounted for generations to come. This, dear listeners, was a softball spectacle for the ages!

We move on to a showdown against the Reds that had more twists than a Brooklyn street, our Braves emerged victorious with a dazzling final score of 16-15. Strap yourselves in as we delve into the heroics that unfolded on that diamond canvas.

Dylan, the maestro at shortstop, stepped up to the plate four times and connected for two hits, tallying two runs in the process. He set the tone for the evening, a prelude to the drama that would unfold.

David, the virtuoso in right-center field, etched his name into the softball lore with a cycle-completing performance. In four plate appearances, he unleashed a torrent of hits – three in total, including a triple and a majestic homerun. Three runs crossed the plate, and he racked up three RBIs, leaving the crowd in awe of his diamond symphony.

Joey, the stalwart at first base, showcased his hitting prowess with three hits in four plate appearances. One run scored, and he drove in three crucial runs, a testament to his clutch performance under the stadium lights.

Allz, the guardian of the hot corner, contributed mightily to the cause with two doubles in four plate appearances. One run scored, and he notched an RBI, adding his mark to the unfolding saga.

Super Sub Aaron Holmes, a dynamo in left-center field, entered the fray with gusto. In four plate appearances, he battled with the pitcher, earning two hits and a walk. A run scored, and he added an RBI to the team's tally, a key player in the unfolding drama.

Blake, the steady presence in left field, swung for the fences in four plate appearances, connecting for two hits, including a homerun. Two runs scored, and he added two RBIs to the team's growing total.

Danny, patrolling the vast expanse of right field, showcased his hitting prowess with three hits, including a double, in four plate appearances. Two runs scored, and although the RBIs eluded him, his contribution was crucial to the team's offensive onslaught.

Croce, the man behind the mask and the master on the mound, took matters into his own hands in a spectacular show of hitting prowess. In four plate appearances, he unleashed a trio of hits, including two homeruns, and drew a walk. Two runs crossed the plate, and he notched an impressive four RBIs, solidifying his role as a dual threat on the diamond.

Crites, the guardian of the keystone, etched his name into the annals of softball history with a stellar performance. In four plate appearances, he connected for three hits, including a double, and capped it all off with a game-winning walk-off RBI single. One run scored, and he added an RBI to his heroic exploits.

Omar, in his three plate appearances, contributed a hit, displaying his resilience and commitment to the team's cause.

Alvara and Miller, in their at-bats, faced the challenges with grit and determination, with Miller showcasing his prowess on the mound and at the plate with a crucial double and an RBI.

In a grand crescendo of hits, runs, and RBIs, our heroes emerged victorious against the Reds, securing a memorable 16-15 win. The airwaves echo with the cheers of fans, and the diamond stands witness to a saga that will be recounted with reverence for generations to come. This, dear listeners, was a softball spectacle for the ages, a triumph etched in the diamond dust of history!

Our Brave Players of the Week:

1. Joey Welter 6-7 1HR 2-2B 8RBI and 4R. Seriously, how is he that good at first base?! SO many saves on this windy day! 

2. David Buhrow 6-7 with 1-2B, 1-3B, 1HR, completing the cycle on the day. 4RBI and 6R. 

3. John Miller first hit of the season was a crucial RBI double! Fantastic pitching in Game 2 going into the wind. 

Honorable Mentions: 

The Allzbrook brothers getting their first homers of the season! 

Croce pitching in game 1 was perfection. His offense came up huge in game 2 with 2 2RBI homeruns! 

Tim Crites a homerun shy of a cycle himself. And the game-winning walk off single in game 2 against the Reds in extra innings! 

Red Sox split

By Dr. C 02/25/2024, 3:45pm CST

Split for Boston

Red Sox split twin bill

Game 1 had the Sox visiting J C Burks Brewers. It was a back and forth game all the way to the last play. The Sox scored 1 in the 1st on a leadoff hit from Sheldon Fulton, a hit from Alfredo Sardi and a SF from Joe Calvano. The Brewers answered with 2 in the home 1st. The Sox responded with 3 in the top of the 2nd initiated by Josh Winsor’s hit, Dorian Moore’s hit, an Ian Contreras BB, a run scoring single from captain Casper, and then run scoring hits from Fulton and Sardi.  The Brewers grabbed a 1 run lead after 3 innings 5 to4. In the 4th, Contreras and Casper walked, Fulton singled in 1 run and Garret Granato singled in 2 for a brief 7 to 5 lead. The Brewers tied it at 7 through 4. The Red Sox would score the decisive run in the 5th on a Winsor hit, Moore walk, Contreras hit and a Casper run producing hit.  The Brewers top of the order did not score in the home 5th and behind excellent defense in the 6th, the Sox threw the tying run out at 3rd from Fulton to Calvano to Winsor to end the game 8 to 7.

Game 2 had Kendall Anthony’s Orioles visiting the Sox. The Sox trailed throughout the game but briefly tied it in the home 6th 7 to 7. The Orioles won it with 6 in the top of the 7th 13-7.  The Sox key hits in the comeback included a 3 run 2B from Eli Goldaris and a Winsor tying 2B.


Notables on the day:  POW Josh Winsor 5-6, 3 runs, rbi, 2B and many fine plays at 3B; ROW Eli Goldaris 2 big hits driving in 4 in game 2 and scoring the tying run ; Sheldon Fulton 3 hits, 4 runs, 2  BBs, 2 rbi; Alfredo Sardi 2 hits, 2 BBs, fine 2B defense ; Garret Granato 4 hits; Joe Calvano hit, rbi, SF, BB, fine SS defense; Ryan Maxwell excellent 1B defense; Dorian Moore 2 hits, BB; Ian Contreras 2 hits, 2 BBs, 2B. The Red Sox will be ready for next week and will appreciate the resilience shown all day.


This is going to be something and let's see if we can succeed here and/or have the strength to do this 12 more times..

Behold the first EVER captain corner video article of the league:


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What AI Thinks Happened in the Braves Games Based on Our Stats and Scorebook

By Danny Buhrow & Chat GPT 02/19/2024, 8:15pm CST

In the hallowed arena of the men's softball battlefield, a tale unfolded, echoing the timeless rhythms of a Greek tragedy. The valiant warriors, clad in jerseys bearing names like Dylan Buhrow, Blake Allsbrook, and Joey Welter, stepped onto the diamond with dreams of triumph in their hearts.

As the fates wove their tapestry, Dylan Buhrow emerged as a beacon of hope, showcasing his prowess with three hits, all singles, a triumphant effort in the face of impending doom. Blake Allsbrook, too, contributed, though his efforts were but a fleeting whisper in the wind, a single run to his name.

Joey Welter, a hero with a bat of thunder, amassed two singles, a two-hit symphony that resonated through the mortal realm. Yet, despite his mighty deeds, the Giants cast their shadows upon the team's aspirations.

David Buhrow, with a solitary hit, stood as a lone sentinel, while Evan Berkowitz, a three-hit maestro, lent his strength to the cause. Brian Allsbrook, Nick Croce, Daniel Buhrow, Tim Crites, Omar Gonzalez, Brian Alvara, and John Miller, each a player in the cosmic drama, left their marks upon the scorecard.

Alas, the gods of softball proved fickle, and despite the team's collective efforts, victory eluded their grasp. The Giants, with a resolute defense and relentless offense, emerged as the victors, casting a shadow over the dreams of our heroes.

In the final accounting, the men's softball team suffered a 6-4 defeat, a lamentation echoing across the diamond. The box score, a testament to their valor, serves as a chronicle of a tragic quest for glory, where hits and runs intertwined with the threads of destiny, leaving the warriors to ponder the whims of fate on the battlefield of dreams.

But alas…our heroes’ journey would not end there! A fracture in time gave them enough focus and serenity to battle once more.

In the sacred realm of the men's softball arena, a saga unfolded, reminiscent of the epic Greek odysseys of old. Clad in jerseys bearing the names of heroes such as Dylan Buhrow, Blake Allsbrook, and Joey Welter, the team embarked on a perilous quest against the formidable Dodgers, driven by a thirst for victory.

Dylan Buhrow, a stalwart warrior, contributed a single hit, a beacon of hope amidst the tumultuous battlefield. Blake Allsbrook, with a single hit to his name, echoed the chorus of triumph that began to swell in the hearts of our intrepid adventurers.

Joey Welter, a true maestro of the bat, emerged as a hero of epic proportions. With a three-hit symphony, including two singles and a homerun, he carved a path through the Dodgers' defenses, leaving a trail of glory in his wake. A 3RBI home run, a testament to his power, resonated like a divine proclamation.

David Buhrow, a steady presence in the lineup, added his mark with a single hit, a humble contribution to the unfolding odyssey. Evan Berkowitz, a three-hit virtuoso, displayed his versatility with two singles and a double, solidifying his role as a key figure in this grand narrative.

Brian Allsbrook, a juggernaut at the plate, amassed two hits, including a double, and drew upon the sacred art of clutchness with five RBIs, a true testament to his strategic prowess. Nick Croce, Daniel Buhrow, and Tim Crites, each adding their own verses to the tale, contributed hits and defense in pursuit of glory.

Omar Gonzalez, Brian Alvara, and John Miller, too, played their parts in this odyssey, with Alvara standing tall as a hero with a hit and a run to his name. The team, a fellowship of warriors, combined their strengths to overcome the challenges laid before them.

In the final accounting, the men's softball team emerged victorious in this odyssey, defeating the Dodgers with a resounding 11-6 triumph. The box score, a poetic reflection of their collective journey, stands as a testament to the heroism and camaraderie that defined their epic quest on the diamond. The echoes of their triumph reverberate through the ages, etching their names into the annals of softball lore.

Our Brave Players of the Week:

  1. Joey Welter 5-5 1HR 1BB 3RBI 4R. Excellent defense at second base and absolutely kept us in Game 1 with his scoops at 1st!

  2. Tim Crites 2-4 2BB 1RBI

  3. The pitching duo of Nick Croce and John Miller! Excellent Week 1 and combined only gave up 1BB. Something a Buhrow drafted team has not seen in a hot minute. Love it!

Red Sox Sweep

By Dr. C 02/18/2024, 4:15pm CST

Opening Red Sox sweep 2024

Red Sox Sweep opening games 2024 

This is take 2 and apologies but the 1st version was inning by inning and was lost just before notables saved. Suffice to say, The Red Sox won at the Yankees 15-11 and then won over the Royals 14-9. 2 fun, competitive games and the Sox showed resilience. The captain treated the team to brunch with the sweep.

Notables: POW Austin Montgomery 6-7, 3 runs, 3 RBI, 3B, good OF defense: ROW Garret Granato 5-7, 4 runs, 6 rbi, 3B, excellent OF defense; ROW Ryan Maxwell 5-7, 3 runs, 2 2Bs, excellent 1B defense; Joe Calvano 3-5, 4 runs, 4 rbi, BB,2B, SF, excellent SS defense; Sheldon Fulton 4-7, 4 runs, 3 rbi, HR,BB , excellent OF defense; Alfredo Sardi 4-6, 4 runs, rbi, 3B,BB, excellent 2B defense; Eli Goldaris 2-6, 2 runs, 6 rbi, HR, SF; Josh Windsor 3 hits, 2 rbi, SF, good 3B; Dorian Moore 3 hits, rbi; Ian Contreras 2 hits, 2 runs, rbi, 2 BBs and excellent foul catch. The Sox look forward to next week!


Game 1:

AquaSox – 20 vs. Bulls – 3

After splitting 2 games the previous week, Captain JC Burks (AKA Sizzle) made the strategic decision to play on field 1 with the wind blowing out.  Sure fields 2-4 were already taken…minor details.  Captain Keke would counter by serving up Trenbolone breakfast sandwiches to the AquaSox in anticipation of a slugfest (sorry for the bacne Lacy).

Those breakfast sammies kicked in fast as the AquaSox plated 5 runs in our first 5 at bats.  It went…Jacob Morris single, Chase Chambers RBI double, Joey Welter Fence bomb, sub Tanner Gandy single, and Brian Osgood fence bomb.  A “Boom Boom” Croce double and Will Ryan RBI single capped of a 6 run top of the 1st.  The Bulls would respond with a couple of their own.  AquaSox 6-2 after 1.

The next 3 innings were relatively quiet with the AquaSox and Bulls plating 1 each.  AquaSox 7-3 after 4.

Just when it seemed like the game was slowing down, the AquaSox offense exploded in the 5th.  Every single player not named Kendal Anthony got on base at least once, putting up a 13 spot that the Bulls simply could not recover from.  AquaSox would take game 1 via run rule 20-3.

Game 2:

Bulls – 27 vs. AquaSox – 23

A play-by-play style write up of this game would read like a novel, so let me hit you with the cliff notes.

Wind was blowing out even more than the game before.  We hit the ball really good.  They hit the ball even good(er).

AquaSox offensive highlights:

Jacob Morris hit for the cycle

Fence bombs from Joey Welter and Brian Osgood

Doubles by Brian Osgood (2), sub Tanner Gandy (2), Will Ryan, Nick Croce, and Captain Keke

Mark Morris had a 4 RBI game

Game 3:

AquaSox – 17 vs. Bulls – 15

This is what playoff sports ball is all about folks! Would the Bulls be feasting on frog legs?  Or would the AquaSox chomp down on some rocky mountain oysters?

Jacob Morris did his best to ensure the latter would happen with an inside the park Shalomer in the leadoff spot.  Chambers followed that up with a double and then Welter did his home run thang.  But after a rebuttal from Sizzle, we were tied 4-4 after 1.

Next couple innings Aqua-sucked as the Bulls took the lead 9-4 at the end of the 3rd inning.

Just when things were looking bleak, sub Tanner Gandy got himself a leadoff single.  Croce sent him home on an RBI single, Will Ryan added a RBI double, Coach Keke added an RBI single, then Mark Morris and Ron Roberts both singled.  This set up the belle of the (sports) ball, Ms. Lacy Fenn, to send one home on an RBI single.  But once again those pesky Bulls responded with a big inning of their own.  AquaSox down 8-13 after 4.

Chambers singled to set up Gandy for a 2 run fence bomb in the top of the 5th.  Osgood said anything you can do I can do better with a moon shot of his own!  Mark Morris and Doc Levy both added RBI singles to help us retake the lead 14-13 after 5.

3 more runs would score on a RBI double from Gandy and a 2 RBI double from Croce, but those stubborn Bulls refused to back down, putting up a couple of their own.  AquaSox 17-15 after 6.  And that would be the final after neither team scored in the 7th inning. 

AquaSox – 5 vs. Aviators – 9

With Allen PD’s finest in attendance, Captain Keke made a conscious decision to leave the team space cakes at home.  Which raised the question…would the AquaSox be high enough to soar with Allsbrook’s Aviators in the crazy wind conditions on field 2?

The 1st inning started off promising with a Jacob Morris double, Joey Welter walk, and Chris Stutz 3 run “Shalomer” home run.  “Boom Boom” Croce and Will Ryan then each had 2 out singles which brought Captain Keke to the plate, who proceeded to stare at two straight pitches that hit the mat for a strikeout to end the inning (oof!).  Perhaps one gummy instead of two would have sufficed on Saturday night.

Allsbrook’s Aviators would answer with a 2 run fence bomb by Jason Niswonger. AquaSox 3-2 after 1. 

AquaSox got a whole lotta nada in the 2nd inning, while the Aviators put up one to tie the game heading into the 3rd inning. 

In the 4th Welter and Osgood both had doubles, the latter being an RBI.  But then the Aviators blew this game open with some clutch hitting coupled with some not so good fielding by the AquaSox.  9-4 Aviators after 4.

In the 5th and final inning, Rick Halperin and Jacob Morris both singled, then Welter drove one in on a mishandled grounder, but that would be it for the AquaSox in a 9-5 loss. 

Not so shocking, the Aviators played better in windy conditions than the space cake-less AquaSox.


Lake Monsters – 12 vs. AquaSox – 15

After a disappointing loss and a bit of a break waiting on our opponents, the AquaSox decided to take a page out of the Texas Rangers book and blast Creed’s “Can You Take Me Higher.” Pretty fitting jam heading to field 4 with the wind howling out. Alas, there was a Nessie sighting as Lawrence’s Lake Monsters headed into the visitor’s dugout.

Scott Lawrence got things going for his squad with a 2 run, pop up/home run, followed by a Tim Kaminski no doubt solo blast.  But the AquaSox were feeling froggy as well.  Leadoff man Jacob Morris smacked a line drive double, followed by RBI triples from Welter and Stutz. Osgood drove one in with a little help from Nessie’s defense, and “Boom Boom” singled to send him home.  AquaSox 4-3 after 1.

That lead didn’t last long as the Lake Monsters put up a 4 spot of their own in the top of the 2nd.  But once again, the AquaSox responded.  Doc Levy and Rick Halperin each singled, and Chase Chambers took a walk.  Joey Welter stepped up to the plate with the frogs on the lily pads, and proceeded to hit 2 out grand slam! But wait, we weren’t done yet.  Stutz and Osgood both tripled and “Boom Boom” added an RBI single.  AquaSox 10-8 after 2.

Nessie refused to lie down, putting up 1 more in the top o the 3rd, but again the AquaSox would answer.  Captain Keke, Mark Morris, and Doc Levy all singled to load the bases for Ron Roberts to send one home on a RBI fielder’s choice.  AquaSox 11-9 after 3.

In the 4th and final inning, those pesky Lake Monsters once again proved to be a very game opponent, putting up a 3 spot to take the lead 12-11.

The AquaSox at bats went…out, Welter bloop single, out. With 2 outs, Brian Os-Great stepped up and smashed a super clutch 2 run bomb.  But even with the lead there was still nearly 2 minutes on the clock.  “Boom Boom” and Will Ryan both singled, followed by a Captain Keke RBI ground rule double. With 2 outs, 2 strikes, and less than 10 seconds on the clock, Mark Morris added an RBI double of his own to end the game and earn the AquaSox the split, 15-12

AquaSox Suffocate Tarpons, get Pinched by Crawdads in Split

By Captain Keke 10/12/2023, 3:15pm CDT

AquaSox – 16 vs. Tarpons – 5

We’ve been waiting an entire month (iykyk) for this matchup, ladies and gents! Captain Keke…he so smart, handsome, fun, and inspirational.  Captain Tommy…he’s…he’s…well he’s a sweet kid.

Apligian’s squad would strike first with a Benlow no doubter fence bomb (pretty sure it was an outside pitch which made it even more impressive).  Tarpons up 2-0 after 1.

Nick “Boom Boom” Croce got the AquaSox going in the top of the 2nd with a leadoff single.  A Will Ryan single and sub Ryan Greenberg double later, we were on the board! Coach Keke tried his best to kill the inning on a FC double play (doh!), but the Tarpons bailed him out with a few defensive miscues that led to another run.  Crafty veterans Ron Roberts and Rick Halperin each took walks, the latter resulting in another RBI. Speedster Jacob Morris would send 2 more home with a single.

The Tarpons would answer in the bottom of the 2nd to tie things up at 5-5.

Rookie Chase Chambers singled for “Boom Boom” to bring the boom with an RBI double.  AquaSox 6-5 after 3.

Common theme in the 4th inning was find a way to get on.  Mark Morris hustled out a bobbled grounder to get the mo-mo going.  Doc Levy, Roberts, and Halperin singled, brining home one run.  Jacob Morris and Stutz drove in a run each, then Joey Welter smashed a 3 run homer to open the floodgates.  AquaSox 13-5 after 4.

The AquaSox would score 3 more in the 6th inning on a Welter Sac Fly and Chambers 2 run inside the park “Shalomer” home run. 

Meanwhile the pitching and defense was stellar, preventing the Tampon’s offense from getting into any sustainable flow in a 16-5 victory.


Crawdads – 14 vs. AquaSox – 5

Next up would be yet another battle of aquatic animals, this time against Brandon Alford’s Crawdads.  Keke had high hopes of finally defeating an Alford team as a captain.

The Crawdads put up a 2 spot in the top of the 1st, but the AquaSox would respond with 3 of our own on a Stutz triple, Welter RBI single, Chambers RBI triple, and Will Ryan RBI single.  AquaSox 3-2 after 1.

From that point on it was pretty much all Crawdads.  They seemingly found green spots at will, dinking and dunking us to death.  Meanwhile our defense was toad-ally shaky.

Captain Keke’s aspirations of getting his first victory against an Alford team would have to wait for another day, as the AquaSox were humbled in a 14-5 loss.

Rumble Ponies – 3 vs. AquaSox – 10

With Captain Keke and unofficial Co-Captain Stutzy back from a previous weekend of debauchery, the AquaSox were feeling froggy and up for the challenge of taking on two very good teams.  First up was rookie captain Andy Hoelscher’s Rumble Ponies.

Justin Reed got things going for the Ponies in the top of the 1st with a solo shot.  But to that lead, the AquaSox would say naaay.  Leadoff man Jacob Morris singled, Stutz hit a deep fly that was mishandled, and then Joey Welter hit a line drive off the fence for a single.  Yes, you read that right.  A single off the fence, cause that’s what speed do. Brian Osgood would send another run home on a sac fly, then Nick “Boom Boom” Croce would plate 2 more on a line drive single. One more run would score on a Mark Morris RBI single.  AquaSox up 5-1 after 1.

Innings 2 through 6 were relatively quiet, but the AquaSox still made a little noise.  Os-great hit a 2 RBI double in the 2nd, sub Larry Goldstein got one more across with a fielder’s choice in the 3rd, and Welter added solo shots in the 4th and 6th innings.  AquaSox up 10-1.

The Rumble Ponies refused to lie down, mounting some offense in the 7th, but it would only equate to 2 more runs with the AquaSox taking the victory 10-3.

This huge win spoke more to the stellar pitching of “Boom Boom” Croce and excellent team defense (most notably Chase Chambers at SS and Jacob Morris in LCF) than it did to the bats of Hoelscher’s Rumble Ponies.

AquaSox – 1 vs. Trash Pandas – 9

Next up the AquaSox had a very tall task…hand Scott Greenberg’s Trash Pandas their first loss of the season.  Unfortunately, that task was a bit too tall as the Pandas took us out to the trash.

Scott Greenberg pitched a gem using a cross wind to paint the corners, their defense was essentially flawless, and our bats cooled off a bit as well.  Those things combined with consistent offense from the opponent led to Captain Keke’s AquaSox taking the L with a score of 1-9.

lugnuts week 2

game 1 tarpons vs lugnuts 14-10 loss

game 2 dragons vs lugnuts too much to not enough

We scored more runs in either game than all of last week combined.  Sadly it was not enough to pull off a win.  Super Subs Matt Ruckel, Mike Glosier, and Rodney McClure were great additions to help fill in some missing nuts.  Brian Smallz stepped up big time and slid into the leadoff spot and showed he as what it takes to continue to lead the team at the plate going 4-6 with 4 runs scored on the day.  Darius Wu was on fire with 4 homers and a triple/shalom inside the park homerun while going 6-6.  Freddy Baerez showed real athleticism by playing 4 different positions on the day and flashed his speed in the outfield.  John Braun smashed a double in game one.  Chris peterson hit for extra bases in both games with a double and a triple helping sky rocket his slugging percentage and earn a POW nomination.  And last but not least everyones favorite 11 who falls to the 12th Jeremy Turbo Golden went 2-4 and played through injury after getting hit by a wild throw to first in his first at bat.  Not the result we wanted but the awesome attitudes of Freddy B. and John B. kept the dugout upbeat and ready for the next challenge.

Around the Pond

The Ducks had a tough day at the park, but have several bright spots to build upon.

Game 1 vs Carvers 66ers.

Sub Kyzer Hoover played well all day long, and he performed admirably in the first game.  Any ball hit in his direction was gobbled up and his offense came through in the clutch.  Jacob Stites showed his speed in the outfield, making play after play, while Kelly Stites got on base with every opportunity he had.  The Ducks fought from behind to take a late lead heading into the final frame.  

Game 2 vs Banta's Blue Rocks

For reasons that baffle Banta still, someone decided to send him home on a hit to Kelly Stites in right field.  After watching the younger Stites flex his defensive chops in game 1, Kelly decided to show he still has the skills by throwing out Banta at home.  The Ducks outfield defense continued to be a strong suit of the team with Rohit Gulhati showing plenty of range in left field, making plays both on the line and in the gap.  David Fiorello toughed out back pain to play solid defense at SS.  Oh, and Justin Reed hit a Grand Slam.  The heat definitely got to this Duck towards the end of the game, as I had to enlist the much younger Jacob Stites to keep the positive voices going while I tried to cool down.


Blue Rocks vs Lugnuts

10-4 loss field 2.

Everyone's favorite team fell short this week to the Blue rocks.  Although we lost we did have a few shining moments.   Star handicapping goomba David Shaw was 3-3 with half the teams Rbi in the contest.  Fast Fingers Freddy was a wall at third making people question if Brumley is still the best glove in the league.  Brian Smallz was an inspiration as he lead off the 6th with hustle and later scored our first run of the season.    Johnathon Braun showed his versatility when he rotated positions mid inning to move from outfield to first base and later hit a seed in the 6th inning.  Doug "Iron Man" Wolff was pulled into the baseline by a throw from Chuck Knoblauch causing him to get trucked by the quick hustling blue rock.  Doug would later come up to the plate and blast the ball deep into the wind about 285' showing everyone that he is the not a man that gives up easy.  Chris Peterson let everyone know that the lugnuts won't be shut out as he hit an RBI sac fly to give the good guys their first run of the season.  Jeremy Turbo Golden lead off the top of the first to spark a rally that led to 3 runs in the inning.    

Game 2 66ers VS lugnuts

14-4 Loss

I would like to say that this game was a lot of back and forth but that just wont be true.  Two runs by each team in the first and then a go ahead run in the 2nd left the lugnuts feeling like they had righted the ship.  Good defense by the 66ers and the lugnuts hitting ATOM balls the rest of the game lead to the 66ers running away with a victory.   

Lets turn the page and see some of the silver lining from the game.  Sean Greeley lead the team in hitting going 3-3 with a double.

Jose Baho worked a walk, hit a double, and fielded 1.000 for the day.

Darius Wu hit 1.000 with 2 sacs and did Wu like things in LCF.

Jason Niswonger did not get his 1st baseman killed this game.

Smallz hit a triple to lead off the 2nd inning and showed great hustle.  That hustle later lead to a sac fly by Chris Peterson.

Braun made the best defensive play of the day on any field, yes better than tishindorf robbing the home run, as he came charging in with a fully body extension to catch a short hit pop up.

Travis Olander stepped up and played a great 1st base.

 Next week...WE WIN TWO!!!!!