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Captain's Corner

The Batcave Chronicles: Part 6

By Danny Buhrow 04/12/2021, 9:15am CDT

Game 1: Miller’s Mariners at Buhrow’s Bats


The Batmen took their battle for justice to the seas against the Mariners...or the Milleners if you prefer. The kicked off the fight with solid blows from Pete “shorter shorts than the I Heart Joshy Ballgame fiasco” Salazar, Ryan Driggers and Jon Simonson to put the Mariners up 7-0. The Batmen still had a few tricks up their Bat gloves, kicking off the bottom of the 1st with back to back triples from Dylan Buhrow and Dalton Fallaw. Ariel Rodriguez, Doug Kramer, Steve Enda, Jim Finley, and Daniel Buhrow would string together a cornucopia of base hits to get the Bats score close again at 5-7. Next two innings would be quiet, then the 4th inning thunder came. Daniel Buhrow and Omar Gonzalez would start with a couple of singles, Dylan Buhrow would bring Daniel in with a screaming double, followed by a ribbie from Dalton and a 3RBI homer from Ariel. The Bats didn’t let up, with David Buhrow getting on, Doug bringing him in with a double, Steve bringing Doug in with his SECOND triple of the game, Daniel would get on again in the same inning and the hits would finally stop with Jim “the gazelle” Finley losing the home plate run to two perfectly thrown balls from the outfield and John Miller. Dalton Fallaw would make the final blow in the 5th with a solo homer, giving the Bats a 14-9 victory! 

Final Score: Bats 14 - Mariners 9 

Game 2: Buhrow’s Bats at Muck’s Rubberducks


Game 2 was a different story as the Bats took the lead early and never let it go. The Bats looked very comfortable at the plate with production coming from everyone. Dalton Fallaw hits a grand salami in the top of the 2nd to put the Bats up 7. 4 of the Bats took walks to get on, including a clutch bases loaded walk from Steve Enda in the 4th inning. This rubber ducky bath time went into extra time, but these Batmen did not get pruny fingers and held off the final attempt from the Rubberducks for another victory and a sweep on the day. These Bats are smelling clean and fresh and ready for next weekend! 

Final Score: Bats 14 - Rubberducks 7

The Royal Fortune,

April 11th, 2021

After generous Cap’n gave his crew a one-week paid vacation to visit their respective families (is rumored that each filibuster received 2 golden coins and a brand new eye-patch) the crew reported to work with an empty stomach, so Cap’n proposed to dine a delicious meal combination of Tacos and Pork that proven to be a lethal mix, sinking further the Royal Fortune to a 6-week losing streak

First and considering filibusters were near the Cancun shores where Royal Fortune was being repaired (again!), Cap’n decided to steal the famous Mexican dish at the most renowned restaurant of the city, “Cuddlecitos Bar” which earned its worldwide recognition thanks to food industry guru Craig “El Jefe” Dyer, but Cap’n and his crew never imagined the spiciness of the food they were about to eat.

It all started quiet, as Tacos were taken by surprise from the filibuster attack in 1st, led by a 1-rbi double from “First Mate” Baho giving the crew an early 1-0 lead.

A lead that stayed until the 3rd, where the “quieted” Tacos were no longer in “silencio” as they stroke back the crew 4 spicy jalapenos (jargon for runs in the Cancunian slang) that were answered back by the filibusters with 2 more bullets thanks to a joint effort between Filibuster of the Week “The Doctor” London, “Sub Gunner” Mabry and “Sub Sail Master” Mendoza. An attack that continued with another bullet launched in the 4th thanks to “First Mate” Baho which tied the affairs after 4 innings.

But then, the “Cuddlecitos Bar” issued a warning to his staff to destroy any filibusters that surrounded the restaurant shores, and the employees responded to the order with 3 more spicy jalapenos launched to the crew in the 5th to take a 3-run lead. A lead that was shortened in the same inning by the courageous crew thanks to “Sub Gunner Mabry” rbi single putting the game with striking distance, by just 2 runs

Another silent inning by the spicy Tacos set the stage for a dramatic ending with the Marauders crew top of the order heading to attack the bar and only down by 2 runs. The lead got immediately cut in half by a solo shot from “Quartermaster Lawrence” but then the crew felt just short by loading the bases and with 2-outs a pop-up to the SS ended the game with a 6-7 loss, and the crew couldn’t grasp their well-deserved first victory of the season

After such outstanding effort and with a hungry crew, Cap’n decided to navigate a little farther to the east towards Havana’s shores, which are famous for their delicious Cuban Sandwich (made from pork). And if you are in seek of good food, there is no better way to do it than going after the most famous sports bar owner of the city, Mr. Alford.

But when you are trying to steal bacon from Mr. Alford you better be prepared, and the crew simply wasn’t ready after such spicy feast from earlier, and the Pigs capitalize this with a 9-bacon attack in the first and 3 more bacon in the 2nd that let the crew demoralized knowing they were heading for its 12 loss of the season.

So Cap’n had no option but to start wearing his hat in the field to show some respect to the powerful Piggies. And boy oh boy the crew showed some character, scoring a total of 14 runs in the next 2 innings, thanks to a join crew effort from “Sub Gunner” Mabry, POW “The Doctor” London, “Sub Sail Master” Mendoza, and “Quartermaster” Lawrence rbi-extra-bases (these last 2 dropped massive bullet bombs). After this, the crew took their first (and only) lead of the game,14-12, which left astonished spectators and Pigs alike.

But as I said before, stealing bacon from Mr. Alford is not an easy task, and after this attack, he ambushed the crew with a massive 16-bacon run storm to take a lead again, a lead that they will never lose again in the affair. The courageous crew partially answered back with 3 more bullets in the 5th (and last inning) thanks to 3-run inside the park bomb from “Boatswain” Trotter, which happens to be his first career HR in TSSL (Congrats Zack!), but the crew came short losing 28-17

 Next week, and after such a bad food experience, the Cap’n has commanded his crew to be vegetarian for one week and try to eat some delicious grasshoppers from Garber’s farm to then sneak into Silverman’s luxurious ranch to refill its artillery by stealing some bullets. Cap’n is convinced that this time his prediction will become a reality!

Notable Filibusters:

POW Alan “The Doctor” London – 3/4, 2R’s, 2B, RBI

ROW Zack “Boatswain” Trotter – 3/5, 3R’s, HR, 3RBI’s

Jose “First Mate” Baho – 4/5, 3R’s, 2 2B, BB, RBI

Scott “Quartermaster” Lawrence – 3/6, 2HR’s, 2RBI’s, 3R’s, BB

Lastly, and this is a belated one, here is the proof again that Cap’n word is worth it, sharing part of his 'booty' (a bit scarce this year so we are using our treasure savings account lol!) with the best performers


Andy Mabry - Filibuster of the Week (3/14)                   

Johnny Manjarrez - Filibuster of the Week (3/28)



Cap'n Cova

Mariners Split Again

By John Miller 04/11/2021, 8:15pm CDT

Game 1 for the Mariners was against the Buhrow Brothers Bats in a sloppy game. The Mariners were excited to play on a field with the wind blowing out. Home runs in the first inning by Pete Salazar, Ryan Driggers and Jon Simonson gave the Mariners a great 7 run start and then it ended. Only able to net 2 more runs the rest of the game wasn’t enough to make up for less than optimal defense as the Mariners fell 14-9.


Game 2 was against the hard luck Rangers sporting a 5 game losing streak, missing their pitcher causing Coach Sil to juggle the line up again. A two run dinger by Ryan Driggers opened the scoring in the first. Another 2 run blast by Driggers (his 4th of the day) tied it at 4 after 4. Going into the 7th inning knotted at 5, Troy Steele singled, Ben Collincini walked and John Miller singled in what turned out to be the winning run. Jon Simonson singled in an insurance run to lead the Mariners to a 7-5 win and a split for the day.


Ryan Driggers was our star for the day going 4-6 with 4 home runs, 4 runs, and 6 RBI’s. Matt Hyson was 3-5 and Troy Steele, John Miller and Jon Simonson all chipped in with 3-6. At a season record of 6-6, the Mariners are ready to make a move up the standings.

Rangers Rap

By Larry D Silverman 04/11/2021, 6:30pm CDT


Lost opener 13-8 to Iron Pigs.....played well except one defensive inning where we made 4-5 errors opening the floodgates.  2nd game was close as we lost 7-5 to the M's....hitting was in absent with only 10 for the game and no walks.

We are just plating possum for now and will rally hard in second half of the season so beware!!!


RR-5/6 3 2b's HR 5 runs and 2 rbi's and sensational catch in game 1

Winsor  HR

L Taub  4/5 


By Jon Kilburn / Kyle Kravitz 04/11/2021, 4:00pm CDT


Astros at Legends (W 16-15)

Our Superstars entered the squared circle to face a red hot 7-3 Astros team, but they were not willing to lie down and give the Astros the win.  With a quick first inning, only giving up 1 run, the Legends ripped through their lineup plating 7 on back-to-back-to-back HRs from Vinnie “Bam Bam Bigelow” Terhune, “Big Poppa Pump” Kyle Kravitz and the "Mouth of the South" Jon Kilburn. At the end of 1, the Astros faced the daunting task of reclaiming the lead from a 7-1 deficit.  The battle raged on with the Astros continuing to pick away at the Legends who struggled in the 2 and 3rd innings but came roaring back to life in the 4th plating 5 with another Bomb from Bam Bam Terhune.  The back and forth battle continued right up until the final Astros at bat.

The Astros came within a hair's breadth of being eliminated with 2 outs, when Jeremy "You Can’t See Me" Golden smashed a bunt that caught Kilburn and Hebbler by he whipped around first ready to fly to second "I meant to do that" could still be heard hanging in the air. Flipping the line up proved big as the Astros would take the lead 15-13.  The Legends refused to lie down as 3 straight hits from “Road Dogg” David Shaw, Jacob “Warrior” Stites and Liam “Xpac”Kilburn would load the bases setting up  MingHung Tsai "Ming the Merciless" (AKA Tajiri) who had been on fire after after a week of hard BP and was ready for the challenge to seek out his finishing move... a smooth line drive down the left field line just over the glove of Enlow would land just inside the white line with Shaw crossing home and Jacob Stites flying toward home at top speed, the throw.... too late...Sites hits the plate, and ballgame for the Legends. .  An astounding game stat...the Legends had one player hit 1.000 (Vinnie Terhune 4-4) and a whopping 5 players hit .750 (3-4) and one of those was MingHung Tsai. As a Team the Legends were 25-41 = .610 team average.

Superstars of the Game:

MingHung “Tajiri” Tsai 3-4 (3 Singles, RS, 2 RBI’s) GW walk-off single to score 2

Vinnie “Bam Bam” Terhune 4-4  (2 singles, 2 HR, 3 RS, 5 RBIs)

Andy “Rowdy Piper” Williams 2-3 (Single, Triple, RBI) Selflessly batting 11th to flip the order over

Kyle “Big Poppa Pump” Kravitz 3-4, HR, 2 Singles and playing on an injured shoulder

David “Road Dogg” Shaw 3-4, 3 Singles including a clutch single to start the rally to win the game

Jon Kilburn 3-4, HR, 2 Singles, solid pitching to hold the Astros to only 15 runs

Liam Kilburn 3-4, 3 Singles, 2 RBI


Legends at Isotopes (W 23-5)

(*Wishing Isotopes Captain, Andrew Williams, a speedy recovery!)

Fresh off their big walk-off win over the Astros, the Legends continued to hammer the ball, finisher after finisher, opening up the first inning, once again hitting all the way through the order in their first at bats and plating 5.  The Isotopes would answer with a 3 run bomb from Greer to make it 5-3 after 1.  But that would be all she wrote for the 'Topes as the Legends would just dominate and put on a hitting display.  In game that featured only one home run (Jon Kilburn), but not one, but 3 Legends would hit 1.000 (Terhune, Kilburn and Jacob Stites), add to that two players hitting .750 (Kyle Kravitz and Ron Roberts) and 2 more at .667 (Ming the Merciless would continue his dominance and Liam Kilburn) the Legends put up an astonishing 26 hits and 5 walks would leave the Legends 26-38 as a team, with a whopping .684 team average.

Superstars of the Game

Ron “Ric Flair” Roberts - 3-4, 3 Singles

MingHung “Tajiri”Tsai - 2-3, Walk, 2 Singles

Jacob “Warrior” Stites, 3-3 with a Walk, 2 Singles, and a Double

Vinny “Bam Bam” Terhune 4-4 with 3 Singles and a Double

Jon “Mouth of the South” Kilburn 4-4, HR, 3 Singles

Legends Impact Superstars of the week

1.      MingHung Tsai 5-7 (BB, 4 Singles, Triple, 2 RS, 5 RBIs) Walk off, 2 RBI single to clinch game 1 and fantastic defense in RF all day)


2.      Jon Kilburn 7-8 (4 Singles, double, 2 HR, 6 RS, 7 RBIs) Fantastic pitching in both games


3.      Vinnie Terhune (Rookie) 8-8 (5 singles, Double, 2 HRs, 6 RS, 5 RBIs) Lockdown LCF


Red Sox Swept by Clowns and Colt 45s

By Dr. C 04/11/2021, 11:45am CDT

Red Sox hosted 2 Hall of Fame captains, John Unell and his Clowns and John Hauf and his Colt 45s. 

Game 1 saw the Clowns score 3 and the Red Sox answered with 3 of their own including a run scoring hit from Daryl Drake and a 2 run HR by Brian Babbitt (1st of 2 consecutive 2 run HRs).  The Clowns scored 2 more in the 2nd and 3rd en route to a 17-10 victory over the Sox.  It was a well earned win by the visitors and the Red Sox played their poorest game of the season.

Game 2 saw the Colts score 6 in the top of the 1st on the way to a 10-2 win over the Sox. The fielding was improved but the hitting was missing in action.

Honorable mention to Matt Casey who played flawlessly at RF, 2B and C through the 2 games.  The Red Sox will move forward and on to 2 new games next Sunday.

Brew Crew Splits

By Brooke Prim 03/31/2021, 10:30pm CDT

Another week in Shalom, another split for the loveable beer makers.  With divisional play kicking off the Brewers were hoping to gain ground in the super tight Winfield division, but the softball gods had other ideas.  

Game 1 Clowns vs Brewers 

The good guys should've known it would be an interesting day when we rolled up and our fearless leader Mrs. Prim was sidelined with the always pesky lower body injury.  Super sub–Doug Storm filled in admirably for her with some solid D and earning 3 free passes from the opposing pitchers.  If missing our leader wasn't enough the Beer makers were delivered a shot in the gut when the Clowns (love the fact that we are highlighting the games rich history) leadoff guy hit a bomb that almost hit a car.  Not the way we wanted to start off our division play, but we fought back with 3 or 4 of our own in our half of the inning (not quite sure, remember I'm just an intern) lead by our doubles machine Clint Hathcock.  I could say a lot more about this game but game 2 was more fun so here is a quick recap.

Ryan Prim is fast, Donald can hit the ball real hard, Carlos Cruz is a stud at the plate &  even better at 3b, the middle of our lineup is scary accounting for all but 2 of our RBI's & It's great to have a couple of Hall of Famers on your team to show how important it is to start off with a 12 - 8 win.

Players of the game:  
Brad Earls:  3 for 3, 1-2b, 1-HR, 2 runs & 3 RBI's
Ryan Prim: 3 for 3, 2-3b

Bryan & Matt Roth going a combined 3 for 5 with 2 RBIs with all 3 hits coming in clutch spots


Game 2 - Legends vs Brewers


After our reboot of the season the Brew Crew swaggered over to field #4 with visions of Ws in their heads but the Legends had other plans.  The game started off with Ryan Prim forgetting he was the youngest guy on our team and followed in the footsteps of the Brewer's assistant to the assistant manager and stretched an easy double into a single.  Eventually the doubles machine known as Clint Hathlock heard all the BOOOOOO'S coming from the Brewers dugout and placed the 1st of his 3 extra base hits into the green.  With Ryan on 3rd & Clint on 2nd Mr. Brewer comes up and splits the speedy Legends outfield to put us on the board.  We scratched a couple more runs across the plate and it was game on or at least we thought.  After a few innings of back & forth softball the wind decided to play havoc with perennial all-star pitcher Michael Barth and that strike zone shrunk to the size of a grain of yeast.  Too bad for the Brew Crew the change of pitchers didn't help much bc before you could drink a craft beer the Legends had taken control of the game.  When you add a couple of let's say "lack luster" offensive innings by the golden boys to the power of the mustachioed green monsters one could say that the 10-run lead was pretty safe with just 3 outs left.  But Clint Hathlock had a different opinion.  Our vocal leader comes into the dugout saying, "this is going to be the funnest game of the year" "We got this boys, it's only 10 runs".  I'm not going to lie; I know we have a potent offense but scoring 10 runs in an inning is something that sounds easier than it actually is.  The Legends brought in their closer to finish us off but then stepped-up Matt Roth who had other plans.  He was a perfect leadoff and drew what at the time could be looked at as a meaningless walk but who knows right?  Barth followed with a hard single then the super sub used his eagle eye to load the bags with a walk. Gareth then hit a single that scored Roth, but Barth's aggressive base running didn't pay off and he was forced out at the plate.  This is where the beer makers turned their season around. Being down by 8 with 1 out and the bottom of the lineup coming up is where most teams would just give up and take the split but not the 2021 Brewers!  Bryan Roth hustles out a fielder’s choice that keeps the inning alive with runners on 1st & 3rd with 2 outs.  Up strides Hall of Famer Rick Halperin facing a 7-run deficit that felt like 17.  Rick used his Hall of Fame plate discipline to load the bases with a clutch walk.  Up strides rookie speedster rookie Ryan Prim with bases loaded that could only be slower if Grant was on 1st ;-) The rookie stepped up and shortened his swing and hit a hard ground ball to center to knock in 2 huge runs.  At this point you can see Bernie starting to get ready to slide into the mug of frosty goodness when up steps the man saw it all coming in Clint Hathlock and boy did, he deliver.  He calmly stepped into the box and smashed his 2nd home run of the game & his 7th RBI to bring the game to 20 - 17 with 3-, 4- & 5-hole looming in the dugout.  Donald then takes 1 swing and is back in the dugout before his ball even lands bc he crushed his 2nd home run of the game to ensure that Mr. Momentum had officially changed his address to Brewerville.  And what happens next?  That's right Brad Earls went back-to-back to back home runs to bring the tying to the plate in the form of rookie Carlos Cruz. Could it happen?  Could the Brewers fulfill Clint's prophecy of making this the FUNNEST GAME EVER, well yes & no.  We did make it the funnest game ever, but we were not able to extend the game bc Carlos hit a lazy pop up that only traveled 298 feet that was caught on the warning track for the 3rd out to end the game.

Players of the game:
Clint Hathcock: 3 for 4, 1 - 2b, 2 HR & 7 RBI's
Prim brothers: 5 for 6, 1-2b, 2 HR, 2 walks, 6 runs & 6 RBI's
Bryan Roth: 2 for 3, 2 runs & huge clutch hustle play to extend that big inning 

Although the Brewers ended up with another split & are still under 500 Mr. Momentum officially has a bright yellow jersey.

As always, your Brewers recap is brought to you by Magical Vacation Planner 


The Batcave Chronicles: Part 5

By Danny Buhrow 03/29/2021, 8:15pm CDT

Game 1: Batmen vs Texas Rangers


The Texas Rangers believed the Batmen were working outside the law and did not appreciate their particular brand of justice. They were gonna stop at nothing to send the people of Shalom City a message that vigilantism would not be tolerated in these here parts. Fortunately, the Batmen came prepared with an arsenal of weapons in their Bat Utility Belts and prove that we are all fighting on the same side. The Batmen kicked things off with an early 5 runs from the first 9 batters. The Rangers were hot on their trail though and came right back with a streak of their own. Another 6 runs came in from the Batmen in the top of the 2nd. Omar Gonzalez and Dylan Buhrow with back to back doubles, followed by a single, double and triple from David Buhrow, Dalton Fallaw, and Nick Barr respectively. Next few innings would remain quiet, with the Batmen maintaining an 11-7 lead on the Rangers going into the 6th. Not leaving it up to chance, and with Doug Kramer and Steve Enda on base, Daniel Buhrow comes up and POWs the snot out of the ball clear over the RCFielder for a 2RBI triple. Dylan Buhrow would drive in the final run to seal the deal and provide a 14-7 victory over the Rangers. Justice once again prevailed in Shalom City! 

Final Score: Bats 14 - Rangers 7

Game 2: Batmen vs the Grasshoppers


We may have bats on our suits...but we definitely do not like insects...or Field 4 for that matter! There is a reason that field was picked to be the last number. heard us Field 4! Better start playing nice or Dylan Buhrow has something in his Bat Belt for ya! Anywho...I believe our defense looked great today and seems to be really geling now. We were just out hit and Scott Greenberg pitched a gem (which seems to be his thing against the Buhrow brothers). Nick is gonna hit the Peloton hard these next two weeks to better leg out those doubles to give Ariel a 2RBI homerun instead of a solo shot! Dalton Fallaw, Steve Enda, and Omar Gonzalez were flawless against this pitching giant, Buhrow brothers went 1-9 against him :(. Absolutely loved the 1-2 pitching knockout of Ariel Rodriguez and Dougie “Fresh” Kramer. This duo has definitely figured out their pitching groove. Freddy Barraez played lights out 3rd base with a stellar double play to home that prevented a run. Love the heart of Erik Clausen, who despite getting hurt in game 2, kept powering through and cheering on his team! Even though we lost, this team never gave up and continued to pick each other up. We tip our Bat cowls to the Grasshoppers outfield who made some of the most ridiculous catches to give their team a 10-4 win on the day. We will be ready for round 2! 

Lucky 7! Stros' Win Streak Grows to 7

By JJ Eusay 03/29/2021, 7:15pm CDT

After starting 0-3, Justin Reed and John Burke had to remind the boys that in 2017 their Orioles squad was 1-4 and rattled off 10 straight.  Apparently, that was taken as a challenge with the team reeling off 7 straight to earn a share of first place and the best record in the league.  It seems to be different guys stepping up each week.  However, this week the big boys did the heavy lifting and the steady eddies at the bottom half of the order kept setting the table.  

Game 1- Williams' Isotopes @ Astros

Burke did an outstanding job of keeping the big sticks of Kid Williams and Matt Ruckel contained for the most part.  Reed's first of 3 bombs helped us jump out to a 2-1 lead in the first.  After giving up 3 in the top of the 3rd, we would answer with 3 of our own.  Back to Back shots by Reed and the captain got us back up 1.  The Topes would regain the lead  in the 5th with a 3 spot, but again we would respond with 3 to match.  Ian Contreras and Turbo Golden did what they do and started the inning by getting on for the top.  Reed would get a sac fly followed by another wind aided captain bomb.  Kid's team show amazing fight tying up the game again in the 6th, but Chappy's scorching hot streak continued as he muscled a bomb out to LF that left the yard in a hurry.  We carried a 2 run lead into the 7th which Kid Williams wiped out with a big bomb to tie it up.  Burke worked out of the jamb and got some good defense to set up a dramatic finish in the bottom of the 7th.  With one out, Sardi drew a walk to bring up Reed.  Earlier in the game, Andrew made an unreal diving catch in the outfield only to be followed up by Justin making one of his own.  Now, after seeing Kid leave the yard, you had to know what was coming.  Big bomb fly to walk it off for a 12-10 victory!  His third of the game.  

Game 2- Weinfeld's Pirates @ Astros

Facing a very speedy Pirates team batting 10 and on a field with the wind blowing in was a potential nightmare scenario.  Again, we would lean on our ace John Burke.  They jumped out with 2 quick runs in the first, but we would answer with 11 runs in two innings.  This was done without the use of a homer.  Steady hitting and aggressive baserunning put the Buccos on their heels and had to chase all game.  But in true Skipper Bob fashion, they would show their grit and battle back to make it a game.  Down 13-4, they scored 8 runs in the last two innings to tighten things up as sloppy defense contributed to the cause.  We scored a 3 spot in the bottom of the 5th to snuff out the rally but made the last out with less than 20 seconds on the clock to take it to the 6th.  They scored one and we shut them down for win number 7!  Hard fought game by the short handed Pirates.  Kudos!

Streaking Stro's Stars of the Day

IPOW candidate- Justin Reed- 7 for 7, 4 HR, 2B, 11 RBI

IPOW candidate- Jason "Chappy" Chapman- 5 for 7, HR, 2 Doubles, 2 RBI and some awesome aggressive baserunning and hustle all day.

Greg "Ritt" Ritter- 5 for 7, 3 RBI and an infectious positive presence in the dugout.

Turbo Golden- 2-3 and added Tanner Gandy and Brandon Strull to his wall of burns.  Justin Reed needed company anyway on that wall.  He ripped a double over the two speedsters and definitely let them hear it when he was standing on 2nd.  

TACOS Sweep on the Opening Weekend of Division Play!!!

By Cuddles 03/29/2021, 6:45pm CDT

TACOS Sweep on the Opening Weekend of Division Play!!!

Game 1

TACOS - 10

Iron Pigs - 9

The TACOS rolled into the opening division weekend at 5-3 and were ready to start their journey to the 2021 Shalom championship. The day started off with a matchup against one of the most well-known and respected teams in all of Shalom – the always competitive Iron Pigs. This game was back and forth, with each team making big plays at every turn to keep it tight throughout. The Tacos played solid defense behind their ace, Jon Banta. The Tacos offense did just enough, with 18 hits and 10 runs spread across the entire twelve man/woman roster. Burks, Keg, Banta, Cuddles, Luke, and Zwick all had multiple hit games, with t.u. supporter Burks chipping in three RBIs, two of which were critical. There were four offensive highlights of note from this Chalupa-Bacon battle. The first was Lewis ‘Big Stick’ Zwick going 3 for 3! The second was ‘Alarm Clock’ Finkel smoking a hard liner over the Taco left fielder’s head for a sweet double (yes, I doubted his power). The third occurred a couple of batters later, when Spencer Manz hit a Tank inspired missile halfway up the light pole in LCF for a grand slam. The fourth offensive highlight went down in the Tacos last at bat. After a rally by the Pigs, the Tacos found themselves down by two and staring at a loss. Super rookie Luke Morgan (Coach Keg still can’t remember his name) hit a one out HR to bring the Tacos to within one. Knoxie then hit a single and the gutty Señor Shwarts took a walk (played half of game one and all of game two with a swollen ankle). Cuddles, who is known for his base path speed and acuity, was the courtesy runner for Shwartsy which proved huge for the Tacos. Banta flied out to RF advancing the runners. Next up, the bearded Taco JC Burks hit a smoking hot, two out shot down the line at third, scoring Knox and the aforementioned speedster Cuddles for the walk off win!!! OK, hook ‘em…

Luke Morgan – 3 for 4, HR, 2 RBIs

Lewis Zwick -3 for 3

JC Burks – 2 for 4, 3 RBIs

Cuddles and Coach Keg – 2 for 3


Game 2

TACOS - 11

Rangers - 3              

The TACOS headed over to field 2 to take on the hamstrung Rangers in their sweet baby blues. This game was never really close as the Tacos put up seven runs in their first two at bats, and finished off the Rangers with four more runs in the 5th inning. Ace Banta was on point from the hill and kept the Rangers off balance the entire game while recording six strikeouts. Osgood, Luke (or is it Duke, or maybe Levi) Morgan, Cuddles, Knox, Shwarts, and Burks all went 2 for 3. The main thing to take away from this game is that as a result of Coach Keg getting two hits and the Rangers #1 pick R-I-yan Richardson (oh so close to being a Taco) hitting zero homers, fans will get to see the Rangers lefty stud wearing a tutu in the outfield the next time these two teams face off (May 2nd at 9:10am on field 3 for those of you who are interested).

Everyone contributed on offense


IPOW – JC ‘Clutch’ Burks – 4 for 7 / 3 RBIs (walk off single in game one)

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