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Rangers faulter but still hold on 2nd

By Jon Kilburn / Kyle Kravitz, 08/04/20, 9:30AM CDT




It was a dark and stormy night...oops wrong column... Sunday 8:00 am.. not to hot and the sun cresting over the fields at Spirit park as the Ranger and the Bulls took the field.  The 1st would see the first two Rangers go down in order, then a Jon Kilburn Single to Center..but that would be all the offense the Rangers could muster in the 1st as the next batter went down.  The game would go up and down for several innings as both pitchers worked corners and arcs to get batters out.  The line up would roll over in the top of the 3rd with the inning once again going down with no runs.  Top of 4 would see Jon Kilburn again hit a missile into the gap for the first, moved by a fielders choice and then hit in by a Liam Kilburn single.  


A couple of key defensive plays including a great pick off play at 3rd by Kyle Kravitz to Jon Kilburn to Liam Kilburn would stop the Bulls' Ace Dalton Fallaw from scoring off his double (nearly a triple).  Another great play by Liam Kilburn on a missile (absolutely SMOKED by Daryl Drake) at 3rd.  Great pitching from John Burke and Jon Kilburn.


Top of 5 would see "Stevie" Johnson get a rally starting Single.  He would be driven home by a 2 run blast from Bone.  Followed up by another HR from Jon Kilburn.  However, in the end all the Rangers could do was chase and keep pace, but they couldn't get over the hump for the win.  Great pitching kept the scores low.  Final score Bulls - 8, Rangers - 6.


Jon Kilburn - 3 for 3, HR

Steve Johnson - 2 for 3

Tim Crites - 2 for 3

Liam Kilburn - Great Defense




Grumbling and weary from a tough loss, the Rangers would come out hot putting up 4 on a lead off Double by Glosier, followed by a single from Bone and another missile by Kilburn.  A single from Osgood, followed by a double from Liam Kilburn would score another... End of the first and the Rangers up on the Goats...but that would be short lived! An 8 run inning would put the Yard Goat up...9-4.  A homer by Kravitz in the 4th would get the Rangers to 5. However the Goats would continue to score 1 here, 2 there...and while the Rangers would muster some offense to fight back...the final score Yard Goats - 12, Rangers - 7.


Jon Kilburn 2-3, Double

Liam Kilburn 2-3, Double

Brian Osgood 2-3


POW: Jon Kilburn 5-6 (4 singles, HR, 2 RBI, 2 RS) and great pitching all day