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By Jeremy Pease, 09/12/21, 7:00PM CDT


This Rookie coach thankful for all 12 players showing up and contributing today. I can say it was an opening day coaching debut I will never forget. Thank you, Storm Chasers!!!


Game 1 comes down to the wire, Storm Chasers D holds strong after early scoring against the always tough John Burke to get the W.

After the rookie captain completely whiffed at the first pitch thanks to all the adrenalin and getting out, the rest of the top of the line-up steps up to score 3 in the first with solid hits by Brumley, Hauf and Asher. The D held the top of the Monarch’s line-up to 1 in the bottom of the first after Lance Lassen showed his speed with a 3-bagger and Wu drove him in.

Inning 2 was a defensive battle with neither team scoring, followed by a 4-spot put up by the Storm Chasers in the top of the 3rd with Peasey kicking off a single, and then a 2-out rally where Brum hit a double followed by a Luke Morgan triple followed by a Hauf double and a Clausen single. Storm Chasers looking solid up 7-1 after 3 after shutting out the Monarch’s in the bottom half of the inning.

Burke locked in after that ato hold the Storm Chasers scoreless the rest of the way. Yet, the D was up to the task and held the Monarch’s to 5 runs through the final 4 innings to give their Rookie Captain his first W!

Brumley 3-3 1RBI 2 Doubles

Hauf 2-3 2RBI 1 Double

Clausen 2-3 1 RBI 1 Double


Game 2 was a show of strength by the Storm Chasers on both Offense and Defense with a Run Rule finish to complete the sweep.

The Storm Chasers showed what they are really capable of with amazing D flashing leather at SS, LCF and 2nd that really stifled some amazing bats on the Legends team, while batters up and down the line-up all contributed to 16 runs in 4 and a third innings. In the first inning after holding the Legends to 0 runs the offense put up 4 with hits and walks by Peasey, Brum, Luke, Hauf, Clausen, Asher and Croce.

After holding the Legends to 0 again in the 2nd the Storm Chasers put up a 7 spot thanks to the 3 at the bottom of the line-up (Austin, Ron and Tony) all got on and turned it over to the top who did what they do. After 2 it was 11-0 and the rest was history with the D playing great and every player on the team getting at least 1 hit and those bottom 3 hitters getting on base 8 out of 9 times!!! Talk about power bottom!

Luke Morgan 3-3 4 RBI 2 Doubles (1 should have been a triple) 1 HR

Hauf 3-3 3 RBI

Clausen 2-3 1 Double

Croce 2-3 3 RBI

Austin 2-3 (on base 3 for 3)

Ron Roberts 1-1 2 walks

Tony Lowery 1-2 2 RBI 1 Walk