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Aguilas Spread Wings and expose Talons for Meat Fest courtesy of Ducks and Corny Dogs!

By Aguila Capt. Sh0tz, 09/12/21, 9:45PM CDT


The Early bird gets the worm, they say. Well, these are birds of prey and worms just won’t DO IT! Someone put DUCK and CORNY DOGS on the menu and these Aguilas were hungry!

Mucks RubberDucks Vs. Rodriguez’s Aguilas

Location: 8am Spirit Park, Allen TX

Flying all over the world, the Aguilas found a nest at Spirit Park and are officially claiming it home. Today however the nest was rattled by some out of pond ducks seeking to establish new territory. Time to pluck some feathers. The Aguilas struck first and often in this series putting up 2 in the 1st and 5th but several big numbers in the 8 run 2nd and 6 run 4th innings but the ducks quacked with some ruffling for an 8 run 3rd inning slap boxing of the Aguilas. We all know… Eagles don’t flinch while flying over ducks. After all we are family – Birds of a Feather Flock together. But the Aguilas take crown on this one.

Aguilas: 18

Duck Sauce: 10

Game Impact Players: Entire Eagle Squadron. This ain’t no flock of Seagulls Buddy!


Rodriguez’s Aguilas Vs. Barr/Garza Corny Dogs

Location: 9am Spirit Park, Allen TX

As if one invasion of our nest territory wasn’t enough, The Aguilas smelt a different meat seasoning in the air and took to field 1 for some Corny Dogs. Well guess what, we found them and plucked and teared at them for 3 runs in the first and 3 more in the 3rd. These Corny Dogs however have planet fitness memberships and started to put RUNS up and Aguilas Down. The Aguilas went quietly in the 4th and 5th back-to-back for the first time during this battle, down 10-6 entering our final opportunity. Let me explain, you know anyone crazy enough to corner an Eagle without protection? The Aguilas “GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE” Attitude soared in full control of the wind and blew out them hot dogs for 6 Runs in the 6th. The Corny dogs had one more chance to defend their home, but the Aguilas Squadron cut off any hope retiring 3 of the last 4 Dogs left for the WIN. Victory never tasted so good.

Aguilas: 12

Meat Cowboys: 10

*Impact Players:

Eagle “Max Henry”: 6-7 3 HRs, 5R, 8 RBI

Eagle “Aaron Holmes”: 4-6 4R, 3RBI

Eagle “Rookie Capt. Sh0tz” 5-6 HR, 2 2B, 3R, 3RBI

Honorable Mention: EVERY Aguila flew around the bases and scored at least once today! Squadron!