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Around the Pond

By The Quack, 03/01/22, 11:30PM CST


Don't you people know that Ducks prefer to fly south for the winter?

The Ducks struggled as a unit in week 2 of league play.  Cold weather and three key players missing may have also had a significant impact.  When home plate is covered in ice, you know that we are not yet into baseball weather.   A great big tip of the cap to our subs this week, Lance Lassen, Mark Fishkind, and the GREAT Art Rothenburg all played excellent ball.  

The Ducks drew the 8 am matchup against the Mint Juleps, who bounced back after a tough first week to take their first win of the very young season against the Ducks.  Timely hitting and distracting (but sexy) pants from both Nick Barr and Daniel Buhrow ultimately helped propel the Juleps to a pinky raising morning.  At least, that is what I remember of it, there does exist the possibility that there was some sort of hypnotic action at play that caused the scales to tip into their favor.  

Game 2 of the day was no friendlier to the Ducks, as the Grasshoppers came to play.  Duck bats woke up finally and this game was close the entire way through, but timely Grasshopper hits, and a 3 base error given up to Grasshopper captain Abbey Garber helped seal the deal.  NO, I AM NOT ADMITTING OR CONCEDING ANY SORT OF NOTION THAT ABBEY HIT A TRIPLE ;)

The Ducks look forward to the return of 25% of their roster in week 3!