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Last Call for the Cervezas

By Kevin Knox, 11/03/22, 7:00PM CDT


Week 8

Cyclones 11 Cervezas 8

Cyclones already in the playoffs with only seeding to figure out. Any ranking from 2-8 was available. A double header against some inebriated cans was on the schedule.  Game 1 the Cyclones put Big Bad Michael Barth on the hill. The Cervezas get 2 in the top of the first and the Cyclones get a run on an RBI single by Joe Calvano. The Captain makes the final out of the inning. Mike jumps back on the mound drops a goose egg on them beer cans. Evan Berkowitz starts the second inning off with a single. Chuck Taylor follows with a 2B. Mike knocks Evan in with a single. Gary Frank beats out a double play to land on first. Seth Pepkin rips a single and grabs an RBI. Larry Lachman pops another single scoring 2. With 2 outs Charles Lachman also grabs a single scoring another. Spencer Manz gets on because of a miscue and then Joe gets a RBI single with Ariel getting another single and 2 RBIs. The Captain ends the inning again. Cyclones grab the lead 9-2 after 2. The Cervezas grab another run making it 9-3. Evan leads off with another single and Chuck gets on because of another miscue. Mike knocks one in on single. Gary gets a RBI beatings out another play. 11-3 Cyclones. The Cervezas put some hits together to get 5 and make it close. Mike Barth and John Hauf give 3 more goose eggs and the game ends 11-8.

Cyclones of the Game

Evan Berkowitz 2-3 2 1B 2 Runs

Chuck Taylor 2-3 1 1B 1 2B 2 Runs

Larry Lachman 1-3 1 1B 2 RBI 1 Run


Cervezas 13 Cyclones 12

After no runs by both teams in the last 3 innings both teams did it again to start the game with goose eggs in the first despite switching fields and sides. The Cyclones had runners in scoring position with 2 outs but the Captain made the final out of the inning again. Picking up his Captain again Evan led the 2nd off with a single. Evan, Chuck, and Mike all grab singles with Mike getting the RBI. Gary beats out another double play and then Seth an RBI with rocket sac fly. The Cervezas go quietly in the second. 2-0 Cyclones. Larry Goldstein lead off the third with a single and Charles follows suit. Ariel Rodriguez finds some power in his bat and grabs 3 RBIs with a bomb. The Captain promptly ends the inning for the 4th time.  The Cervezas grab 4 to answer, finally scoring after  5 innings of zeros. 5-4 after 3. The Cervezas grab 3 more in the fourth to take the lead 7-5. The Cyclones bats reawaken after both Larry's get on. With 2 outs Spencer and Joe gets singles to get 3 more runs in. Ariel then knocks both of them and himself by launching his 2nd of the game. The Captain finally doesn't make the last out of the inning and is rewarded with a Run scored when Evan blasts one over the fence. All told 7 runs scored and the Cyclones take the lead 12-7. The Cervezas don't go quietly and belch in another 3 Runs. 12- 10 Cyclones. The Cyclones go 1,2,3. in the 6th.After hurling in another 3 Runs the Cervezas Fu has successfully taken the lead.  Unfortunately for the Cyclones the Cervezas incredibly bad beer breath stunned the Cyclones into another zero to end the game. Great heart from the Cervezas coming back in the last game after being eliminated from the playoffs in the first.


Cyclones of the Game

Ariel Rodriguez 3-3 1 1B 2 HR 2 Run 5 RBI

Evan Berkowitz 2-2 1 BB 1 1B 2 Run 2 RBI

Larry Goldstein  1-2 1 BB 1 1B 2 Run

Honorable mention

Kevin Knox 4-5 Managed to make 4 inning ending outs out of 5 opportunities