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Dodger bats wake up too late for Game 1 but just in time for Game 2

By Kevin Knox, 05/09/23, 3:15PM CDT


Bats wake up too late for Game 1 but just in time for Game 2

Sea Wolves 8 Dodgers 6

Another big time matchup between 2 top teams this year. Sea wolves looking to gain ground and take the tie breaker into the post season. Unfortunately for Dodgers that's exactly what they did. The Dodgers being the home team this time lead the game through 3 inning 1-0 on an Ariel Rodriguez single that scored Ryan Driggers who had doubled earlier. Then the bats came alive for Kendal's squad with a couple of hits and a couple of bombs Ryan Richardson and Nick Barr to go up 5-1. John Banta took advantage of an interesting strike zone all day as he befuddled most of the Dodger lineup and he did so for 2 more inning before the Dodgers started to put things together. The sixth inning rolled around and the Sea Wolves dropped in another 2 runs on a super sub Hayden Trainer bomb. That seemed to wake up the Dodgers as they would drop 3 in the bottom of the inning on a Jay Swank single, Aaron Holmes walk and Ryan 3 run bomb.7-4 Sea Wolves going into the 7th. Sea Wolves added another insurance run in the 7th to make it 8 -4. In that never give up spirit the Dodgers have been showing all year they began to stir. Jacob Stites led the inning with a walk and Leo Cova bumped him over with a single. Matt Casey then promptly smacked a single scoring Jacob. After an out by the Captain, Carlos Lopez singled in another run. After a fielder's choice, Dwayne Henson drew another clutch walk. Jay Swank then came to the plate with the bases loaded and the tying run on 2nd. He rips a single to RCF to apparently roll the lineup over and get the tying run on 3rd and the walk off run on 2nd. Unfortunately Jay hit it too hard and a heads up play by Grayson Vick threw out the runner going to 2nd taking away Jay Swanks perfect day and an RBI to boot.


Ryan Driggers- 3-3 1B,2B,HR, 2 R, 3 RBI

Jay Swank- 2-3 2 1B


Dodgers 11 Legends 7

Just when the Dodgers bats were waking up, the first game ended and then the dreaded split. The bats went to sleep again to start the game and stayed asleep for the first 5 inning. Kelly Welton took advantage of another interesting strike zone and shut the Dodgers down. The legends on the other hand came out hot and dropped 4 in the first. As the Dodger D does, it then proceeded to lock down the legends until later in the game(insert Captain forgetting to put in other teams runs by inning in the book).  The sixth inning rolled around and the Dodgers woke up and dropped a touchdown and an extra point to take the lead. As usual the bottom took the lead in bringing us back to life. Steve Enda drew a walk, Dwayne ripped a single, Jay Swank  got his 4 single of the day. Aaron then grabbed a 2 RBI double, Ryan was walked to load the bases, then Ariel joined the party with an RBI single himself. Jacob smacked one to RF that was mishandled and a run scored. Leo then ripped a double scoring 2 more. The Captain added 1 more with a Sac Fly. Dodgers took the lead 7-4 or 7-5 or 7-6. Whatever.  Up by 1 going into the seventh the visiting Dodgers tried to start another rally to put away the Legends. Jay Swank, Rohit Gulhati and Aaron Holmes all singled after 2 outs but the Legends pitching and D held. The Legends managed to tie the game up when a ball rolled their way out of the glove of a diving effort by Aaron. The pitching and Dodger D kept the winning runs off the plate and to 1 pitch extras it went. Top of the 8th the Dodgers got Jacob and Leo to single. With 2 outs the Captain drew a walk to load the bases Carlos the drew his own to get a RBI. Steve smacked a single for an RBI and Dwayne grabbed another clutch walk and RBI. Jay Swank ripped his last single of the day grabbing the 4th RBI of the inning. The Dodger pitching and D held up in the extra and nabbed themselves a win and a 3 way tie at the top of the standings.


Jay Swank- 4-4 4 1B, 1 Run, 1 RBI

Steve Enda 1-3 1 1B, 1 Run, 1 RBI

Kevin Knox 0-1 2 BB, 1 Sac,1 R, 1 RBI

Leo Cova- 2-4 1 1B, 1 2B, 2 RBI, 1 R

Dwayne Henson- 1-3 1 1B, 1 BB, 1 R, 1 RBI


Jay Swank absolutely smacked the ball around today.

Jay Swank absolutely locked down 3rd base with diving plays in both fair and foul territory

Ariel pitched really well again...duh

The Captain almost got thrown out at first on ball hit foul to the fence that suddenly decided to go fair after he gave up on it. Bad example Captain. Hopefully Ryno didn't see that...

Jacob is everywhere in the outfield