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AquaSox prove we don’t Aqua Suck in hard fought series win over Bulls

By Captain Keke, 11/09/23, 8:00PM CST


Game 1:

AquaSox – 20 vs. Bulls – 3

After splitting 2 games the previous week, Captain JC Burks (AKA Sizzle) made the strategic decision to play on field 1 with the wind blowing out.  Sure fields 2-4 were already taken…minor details.  Captain Keke would counter by serving up Trenbolone breakfast sandwiches to the AquaSox in anticipation of a slugfest (sorry for the bacne Lacy).

Those breakfast sammies kicked in fast as the AquaSox plated 5 runs in our first 5 at bats.  It went…Jacob Morris single, Chase Chambers RBI double, Joey Welter Fence bomb, sub Tanner Gandy single, and Brian Osgood fence bomb.  A “Boom Boom” Croce double and Will Ryan RBI single capped of a 6 run top of the 1st.  The Bulls would respond with a couple of their own.  AquaSox 6-2 after 1.

The next 3 innings were relatively quiet with the AquaSox and Bulls plating 1 each.  AquaSox 7-3 after 4.

Just when it seemed like the game was slowing down, the AquaSox offense exploded in the 5th.  Every single player not named Kendal Anthony got on base at least once, putting up a 13 spot that the Bulls simply could not recover from.  AquaSox would take game 1 via run rule 20-3.

Game 2:

Bulls – 27 vs. AquaSox – 23

A play-by-play style write up of this game would read like a novel, so let me hit you with the cliff notes.

Wind was blowing out even more than the game before.  We hit the ball really good.  They hit the ball even good(er).

AquaSox offensive highlights:

Jacob Morris hit for the cycle

Fence bombs from Joey Welter and Brian Osgood

Doubles by Brian Osgood (2), sub Tanner Gandy (2), Will Ryan, Nick Croce, and Captain Keke

Mark Morris had a 4 RBI game

Game 3:

AquaSox – 17 vs. Bulls – 15

This is what playoff sports ball is all about folks! Would the Bulls be feasting on frog legs?  Or would the AquaSox chomp down on some rocky mountain oysters?

Jacob Morris did his best to ensure the latter would happen with an inside the park Shalomer in the leadoff spot.  Chambers followed that up with a double and then Welter did his home run thang.  But after a rebuttal from Sizzle, we were tied 4-4 after 1.

Next couple innings Aqua-sucked as the Bulls took the lead 9-4 at the end of the 3rd inning.

Just when things were looking bleak, sub Tanner Gandy got himself a leadoff single.  Croce sent him home on an RBI single, Will Ryan added a RBI double, Coach Keke added an RBI single, then Mark Morris and Ron Roberts both singled.  This set up the belle of the (sports) ball, Ms. Lacy Fenn, to send one home on an RBI single.  But once again those pesky Bulls responded with a big inning of their own.  AquaSox down 8-13 after 4.

Chambers singled to set up Gandy for a 2 run fence bomb in the top of the 5th.  Osgood said anything you can do I can do better with a moon shot of his own!  Mark Morris and Doc Levy both added RBI singles to help us retake the lead 14-13 after 5.

3 more runs would score on a RBI double from Gandy and a 2 RBI double from Croce, but those stubborn Bulls refused to back down, putting up a couple of their own.  AquaSox 17-15 after 6.  And that would be the final after neither team scored in the 7th inning.