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Recent Irwin Kaufman Division News

Your Spring '23 Rookies of the Year & MVPs

By Danny Buhrow 06/30/2023, 9:45am CDT

Rookie of the Year:

Irv Munn Division - Todd Dicken

Irwin Kaufman Division - Noah Ballard


Irv Munn Division - Ryan Richardson

Irwin Kaufman Division - Darius Wu

Congratulations to all four and well-deserved! Way to represent your teams and our league! 

Your Spring '23 Gold Glovers & Silver Sluggers

By Danny Buhrow 06/30/2023, 9:30am CDT

Here are your Spring 2023 Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, and Cy Young Winners!

The Silver Slugger vs Gold Glove game will be on July 9th immediately following the Divisional Championship series completion.

Gold Glove Team:

1B - Joey Welter

2B - Reese Leonard

SS - Luke Morgan

3B - Matthew P. Brumley

C - Rick Halperin

RF - Dennis Brumett Sr.

RCF - Andy Hoelscher

LCF - Ryan Richardson

LF - Tim Kaminski

P - Michael Babb (Cy Young)


IF - Brian Ortega

OF - Adam Glauvitz

P - Justin Howard

Silver Slugger Team:

1B - Joey Welter

2B - JJ Eusay

SS - Dalton Fallaw

3B - Matthew P. Brumley

C - James Keller

RF - Tim Jamieson

RCF - Jason Niswonger

LCF - Ryan Richardson

LF - Lee McDonald

P - Michael Babb


IF - Blake Jones

OF - Darius Wu

P - Miguel Duron

Congrats to all and well-deserved! 

Your Spring 2023 All-Stars

By Danny Buhrow 06/17/2023, 6:15pm CDT

2023 Spring All Stars

Irv Munn Division

Captain: Joseph Calvano 

1B: Joey Welter

2B: JJ Eusay

3B: Matthew P. Brumley

SS: Ryan Driggers

LF: Todd Dicken

LCF: Ryan Richardson

RCF: Jason Niswonger

RF: David Shaw

P: Michael Babb

C: Daniel Buhrow


IF: JC Burks

IF: Nick Barr

OF: Adam Glauvitz

OF: Mitch Klaassen

P: Justin Howard

Kaufman Division

Captain: Lawrence Lachman

1B: Jonathan Kilburn

2B: Zakary Edgerton

3B: Matt Ruckel

SS: Dalton Fallaw

LF: Tim Kaminski

LCF: Darius Wu

RCF: Matthew Hyson

RF: Tim Jamieson

P: Scott Butte Commish Lawrence

C: James Keller


IF: Brian Babbitt

IF: Cody Blake Strull

OF: Chris Cesario

OF: Lee McDonald

P: Miguel Duron

Congrats to all who were selected by your fellow Captains, well deserved and well done to those in the Irv Munn and Irwin Kaufman Divisions.

All-Star game will follow immediately after the Championship Series on Sunday, June 16th.